Clawhammer Vengeance (#rangothedog)


RANGO: plagus, send a message to .  and please be polite.
PLAGUS: roger that, mostly.  should i copy all 30?
RANGO: no, the one in your hometown.
PLAGUS: waiting on the map server.  i heard this is your fault.  anyway, roger that.  go ahead, boss.
RANGO: you know how people say they never got the memo?  this is the memo: http://rangothedog.com should be your primary source for all things Rango.  It's distilled, includes photographs and links. all spruced up. now with Facebook Likes for Matthew Meadows Music, Twitter & Flickr integration, YouTube channel integration, an (in)complete music playlist, category clouds, archive calender, favorite posts, and more. the canonical record of all things rdogg:

Rango The Dog's Home Page (official mouthpiece of
 the beast)

PLAGUS: ...huh? that's it? you're supposed to say 'over and out'.
RANGO: over and out and all up in your face.
PLAGUS: copy that, and ditto \m/

[ randomly cool ]

this morning's 1700 club list #4 of 4 now at nearly 1800 plays on Fandalism alone, this is The Pope - Purple.


this morning's 1700 club list #3 of 4 now at 1830+ plays, this is Texas Dub / The Pope (uncut):


this morning's 1700 club list #2 of 4 now at 1860+ plays, this is Sabrina Peña Young's Metal Ink - Simeon's Mix from Liberteria.


this morning's 1700 club list #1 of 4 now at 1878+ plays, this is Busking 101, a 25 minute excursion into downtown Seattle on a hot/hot summer day with an axe and a video camera and a lot of attitude. 12 minutes of blah blah, 11 minutes of music, 2 minute surprise after the credits :-D

wine, broken string mix, my most recent work on Fandalism:

Wine - Broken String on Fandalism

RANGO: one more thing.
PLAGUS: go ahead, late as usual, and spilling over.
RANGO: show them my new favorite thing.
PLAGUS: here you go, boss. your new favorite thing.  until the next one.

rango on jango \m/ - greatest hits matthew meadows
 and his influences

RANGO: i hate you.
PLAGUS: ditto.

\m/ (-.-) \m/


"The Turk" owns crushing guitar sounds, yet still displays Malmsteenian influences. — Markus Ganzherrlich, Rock Metal Bands

"The entire album is off the hook." — Rick Mizuno, Indies in Motion

"This guy's a tremendous guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He's just awesome." — Allen Cox, The Cox Music Show

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