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Members: Angie Chapko, founder,inspiration; Greg Robertson, founder,instrumentation.

Hi everybody!;

Ann Duffy, Greg's manager here again. It’s been I while so here's what's been happening:


     First, Greg's health: He saw his neurologist last month and, after describing a brief , minor 'episode' ( no seizure, though . .not very severe at all)they doubled his Tegretol to (hopefully) eliminate any further episodes. He will have the usual blood work done. .they're always looking at blood .. lol!. Other than that , he has been quite stable, as we'll see a bit later.


     That brings us to his work; Basically since his first seizure we have backed down considerably on doing what Greg calls "inside gigs", one reason being, of course, we don't want to be committed to something that has been promoted and so forth only to have him in hospital or worse. But his stamina is improving daily, it seems, and with what we now feel is a safe dosage, we can put him indoors. Now, there has been talk that I may have to defend a couple of these decisions .one, concerning street performances in general and, more specifically, what Greg calls the 'bum corner', so I will . .

     Since Greg's heart attack and, more recently, since his seizures (cause as yet unknown) Greg has been concentrating on street performances for his public performances. He has a license from the city as well as one issued by the state to any veteran. As I mentioned before, we have been concerned with his stamina; his ability to do an entire show. And lately we have been very pleased. Gradually, Greg has worked himself to the level of 50 or so shows a month. Obviously, that averages more than one show a day. His shows have been going around 2 1/2 to 3 hours and, with rain days, . .well, let’s look at the 'books': 56 shows in June; 43 in May; 36 in April: a steady increase. There are quite a few positives; he definitely gets alot of practice in . . . each show is a rehearsal for the next. At this kind of frequency he's been able to really 'fine tune' his performance, too. Also, of course, though it's not much . . . he gets daily income through that. (If it doesn't rain . . lol) .

     There are a couple small negatives that we're able to weather quite well so overall, I think it's good to go through this phase. The main benefit is that , with the regular income through tips that Greg receives, we have eliminated the need for that curse of musicians: the Day Job!! Greg is at the point where his only source of income, meager as it may be,  is from him playing his music!! We find it absolutely reprehensible that society is at such a state where an artist is (usually) compelled to earn his living by something other than his art. Greg has been a full time professional musician for about 5 years now.

Now, concerning the 'bum corner': I did actually receive a bit of flak there because this is one of the intersections which are usually peopled by the notorious 'sign people'. Greg told me how he couldn't help but notice them as he waited for the bus, etc., or on the way to the store. We reasoned that since panhandling is, technically, something which these folk could be ticketed for, etc., and yet they persist, we reasoned that there must be money there! So we had Greg try it a couple times, armed with his licenses , his legitimacy and , of course, his music, we 'took' the 'bum corner'.

   Well,  I got a phone call from an irate, though polite, lady the other day who gave me the same complaints that she had given Greg earlier. She basically told us that she felt Greg should ‘get a job’, I reminded her that she was entitled to her opinion and left it at that.  Greg told me he mentioned he was licensed to do that, etc.  So I just felt if someone has actually ‘complained’ about it, we’d explain it. We are happy with it and, as I said, very , very few, minor negatives involved even here so this will remain as Greg's 'day job', while we take this next step:


     We have begun to receive radio airplay! Roxanne Larabee, of WLNZ, 89.7 FM, who sets up the shows from Sir Pizza in Old Town every Friday lunchtime (Greg's done those a couple of times)asked for some of Greg's music. We've been hearing people say they have heard it so we are grateful to Roxanne for that type of support! She's also had Greg on her 'Fusion' show and is doing some other work with him. We also have word that when we get some material to them, the Impact will play us as well. . . .

     What these airplays mean is that Greg can command more draw at club dates, etc. (fancy music business lingo . . lol) which was one thing we've been concerned with as well; we want Greg to go in and play his music and receive fair payment for it; we don't want 'drink tickets' .. lol (well .. a few, maybe .. lol) .. we don't want to sell a certain number of tickets . .we are not ticket sales-people .. lol. Anyway, this is a major step and will smooth things out a bit. (Also, , for those who have these concerns, I'll see if I can get him to forego the street performance if he has a club date that day. lol)


     We have a very, very small, minor bit of work to do for the final master of Unfulfilled Legacy . .[ at this point .. again thanks to those who have preordered and shown amazing patience ; we are preparing something special that we need to send to make up for this time that has elapsed since you ordered . .thank you!!]. Greg's engineer, John Krohn, is playing with his own band, Frontier Ruckus, at a major music festival this week so we are hoping to get a few minutes in the studio next week. We have, literally, about ten minutes work and it's finished. Then , we know, we still have to design and reproduce the sleeve, etc., but all the information is written down (somewhere . .lol) and we're at that stage now so the album will be officially (privately) released soon.

      We are going , also, to begin work on the next album which is going to be called Satire of Stability, a phrase Greg, I believe, got from his daughter, Tori. Greg has all the music composed and about 75% of the lyrics. Greg performs 3 or 4 of the new songs daily in his show. So that will be a smooth project. We will, hopefully, have the album finished before it’s 'needed', letting UL 'run its course.'




      Thanks again for everything and ROCK ON!!!,


Greg and Ann


 Ps: [    When we begin our campaign with the local clubs for performance and the rest of the radio stations (we're not going to stop with just two . .lol) for airplay we will send another e-mail to you all in which we'll make it possible for you to send e-mails, etc., of support to these clubs and radio stations if you feel like it.]


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" great songs...totally professional...& love the lyrics...Im sure your music will do very well...!"  Iliana Fischer, Facebook

". . .Glad to have you on IMRadio. We are having good time listening to your awesome music on IMRadio. You rock!! Keep up the good work. We look forward to the opportunity of getting more of your songs into our daily rotation! . . . "  Veronica, IMRadio

". . .Wow - I totally love the groove. Just a gentle rocking motion that locks you into it and your vocals were perfect for the song. . . ."  Barry McGuire, Facebook

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