Hi there,

Our new mailing list is not a mailing list at all but our facebook page: www.facebook.com/tburners
You may have not heard from me in a while. It's because I no longer am using this (reverbnation) as a form of communication to fans and friends. I am abandoning this for much more easier and universal way of communication: Facebook.

Most everyone is on Facebook. I would bet most anyone who is interested in being on a music mailing list is more then likely willing to be on Facebook. The great thing is you will no longer get emails from Reverbnation and you will not have to have an account here.

So please consider heading on over to my bands Facebook page and click the "Like" button... then presto, you can not only see all our shows and what we are up to, you can write to us, you can comment on our news and posts, you can listen to our music and interact with others as well.
To me, this is a no brainer.
So please copy and paste www.facebook.com/tburners into your browser and click enter. Once you get to our page, just click like and the rest is history! If you don't have a facebook account, they will ask you to sign in or register... it's very simple and pretty universal these days.

Again it's www.facebook.com/tburners

Head on over to see our upcoming shows, new CD release in April, videos and much more!
Ryan Flaherty
The Burners

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