Celje, SI
Instrumental / Progressive Metal / Doom Goth Fusion
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 Dear friends;


It's been a while since I dared to invite you to my page. In the meantime, several new compositions were uploaded, 'Embrace The Darkness" the last of them.

Come and let me know what you think.


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"Too jazzy for metalheads, to hard for jazzers, too weird for rockers. LaughingSkull - hated by all."  Homer, Illiad

"Each piece is like a cleverly woven tale and the guitar is the narrator. Serious music and guitar chops. "  Dropped On Our Heads, Reverbnation

"The excellent and intricate musical offerings here complement Laughing Skull's amazing fretboard skill and dexterity. Truly a Master at his Art, his musical works and playing ability are unparallelled to at least my experienced ears and are an ample and worthy listening experience for anyone who enjoys guitar shred to the max!"  Rob @ Promize, Reverbnation


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