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 Merry Christmas to everyone and here's hoping everyone has a wonderful 2013. There were lots of new beginnings for me. Not only did I put out my first CD of original music this year andmake my first video but I also tied the knot on the beach in October with my best friend, co-writer, co-producer, and partner Daniel Cooper. It was a glorious vacation there and we enjoyed all that Hawaii had to offer including great weather, great hiking, great water, and great food. It was a blast! We came back energized after a year of bearing down on all the different things we do. 

I truly was thrilled with all the radio stations both domestically and internationally who played my "record" this year and continue to find that I am played on radio stations both on blues radio and country radio. Nothing like that sense of discovery when you find your name on a playlist you didn't know you were on. Thanks to all my fans for giving me  support and encouragement. Some of you have told me that I have inspired you to do some of the things you've always wanted to. I can't think of any greater reward than that. If I inspired you, I am honored. Please remember me when you are putting house concerts together or organizing that festival in your town. I'm looking forward to some more performances!

I'm in the process (sometimes a long process) of starting to assemble a new set of songs, and hopefully start recording again. Right now, I'm looking through my back catalog and writing some new songs and will continue to do so through next year. In the meanwhile, my project "The Long Way Around" is in the process of being promoted in the U.K and I still have this notion that I want to play in Europe. We'll see, what happens this coming year...My CD is available on CD Baby and on my website, and digital downloads are available on ITunes. 

I hope you're enjoying the eggnog, and that the holidays are good to you! Please check in from time to time and I'll do the same!

Keeping the dream alive, you do the same...

Melanie Rose Dyer





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"It was those influences from Bonnie Raitt that made enjoy what Melanie has recorded! " — Nicky Baldrin, Fireworks

"Melanie is not an Artist just hoping she knows real music!!" — Ralph Watley, Smooth Talk Radio XTRASOUND RADIO

"Eleven songs are lyrically bursting with emotions and sincerity..Melanie Rose Dyer has delivered a successful album than definitely deserves your attention." — Luc Meert, Rootstime Belgium

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