Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs

Austin, TX
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Howdy everyone!

Just "Letting You Know" that we will be throwing an old school happy hour show today at ABGB.  What does this mean?  It means we're gonna do some crazy shit, and if you're reading this and have ever seen us live, you know you don't want to miss it--we'll leave the "missing out" for the "haters".   Friday the 13th is the theme, wear your lucky underwear cuz you're gonna need it.  What more excuse do you need to go to ABGB and drink with us?  Let's play!

P.S. Bring art supplies so you can cheat in the mask making contest.  There will be prizes.  They will be awarded only to people who read this.  I promise.



"Everybody in this town's a songwriter: your bartender, your boyfriend, your banker. Ogden is, too, but in the context of Wild Bill, everybody else sounds the same."  Chase Hoffberger, Austin Chronicle

"With Wild Bill, you don’t just get a folky, mellow acoustic guitar show. At a Wild Bill show, you, as the audience, experience an all-out blast of demented good times, sordid tales with intriguing finales, extra flourishes and personal touches that only a tripped-out troubadour like Wild Bill can conjure. All that, and deviled eggs.You have to see it to believe it."  Laurie Gallardo, KUT radio

"Sitting down with Wild Bill is kind of like meeting a virile cross between Jackie Gleason and a surly, pre-Scientology Beck for coffee and realizing you might have been better off with a beer or two instead. "  Ed Kiaune, Austin City Sphere


Lambert's Austin, TX Sat Feb 07 2015 10:30 PM Tickets
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