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Happy New Year!

2013 was quite the year with lots of accomplishments and beautiful failures including opening for Metalachi, the Highbilly Happy Hour residency at Antone's, putting on the best Beck "Song Reader" show there will ever be, releasing a CD (Honky Tonk Holidaze), and launching another successful round of Honky Tonk Holidaze shows which benefited Mobile Loaves and Fishes.  I'd like to thank all of you for coming out and supporting us, and I hope you will continue to do so.  

My priority for the new year is going to be recording and getting an album out, (if you want to support this cause, I don't "kickstart", Instead please buy a shirt or the album I just put out so I can make another. This is how it's supposed to work. Thanks!), I will likely cut the number of shows for the next two months.  That said, here are two shows I'll be playing this weekend that I am personally excited about and hope you'll join me.

FRIDAY, JAN 3 Maria's Taco Xpress 7-9 pm, Free
Maria came to one of our shows this year and booked us on the spot, another big highlight for the year. This Friday, we fill in for the legendary Lee Ann Atherton who adoringly dubbed us "the love knobs". Playing at Maria's is so fun, and we have been treated very well by her.  Any owner who cares as much about music as she does deserves all the support we can give, plus she's one hell of a good-timer!  Please don't miss this show.

SUNDAY, JAN 5, The Buzzmill--Whiskey Church, 5-8 pm, free
Some of you know him as "PH", some by the "pot holder...dawg", "future dog", and a few ladies in town call him "the rusty rambler", but one thing is for sure; Chad Lee Archer is the undisputed Whiskey Priest.  (Congrats to PH for taking over Whiskey Church responsibilities in 2013!)
Whiskey Church is a singer/songwriter swap at the Buzzmill that happens every Sunday, hosted by the surly sheriff himself.  This Sunday is gonna be a great one as James Hyland will be joining the congregation!  A founding member of the South Austin Jug Band, James is one of Austin's best songwriters, and one hell of a great person to boot!  We are coming together to sing songs about our special love for botany and the like, It's gonna be a real good time.  Wear your smile and your finest "SpoCo" outfit.  You don't know "SpoCo"?  You might need axe somebody.

Thanks to everyone who is still reading this blather.  Without your support, I'd just look like a crazy person talking to myself which wouldn't bother me, but it's more fun when you're there.  My goals for the year are to continue to grow as a writer and performer, and to really support the local music scene even more than before.  If you haven't been paying attention, things are changing really fast.  While a lot of things will be good and life will go on, I feel that a lot of this change directly threatens the local music scene.  It is vital to support local music as much as we can if we don't want to see it diminish to low quality, stale garbage.  I will continue to push myself to put on the best shows, write good music, and not settle for less because music is my passion.  My hopes are that my audience will match this effort, not only to support me, but also to all the great hardworking musicians in this town who make Austin a fun and exciting place to live.  Thank you for your support and for a great year in 2013.  Let's twist again like we did last summer, baby.  You KNOW what I mean!



"Everybody in this town's a songwriter: your bartender, your boyfriend, your banker. Ogden is, too, but in the context of Wild Bill, everybody else sounds the same."  Chase Hoffberger, Austin Chronicle

"With Wild Bill, you don’t just get a folky, mellow acoustic guitar show. At a Wild Bill show, you, as the audience, experience an all-out blast of demented good times, sordid tales with intriguing finales, extra flourishes and personal touches that only a tripped-out troubadour like Wild Bill can conjure. All that, and deviled eggs.You have to see it to believe it."  Laurie Gallardo, KUT radio

"Sitting down with Wild Bill is kind of like meeting a virile cross between Jackie Gleason and a surly, pre-Scientology Beck for coffee and realizing you might have been better off with a beer or two instead. "  Ed Kiaune, Austin City Sphere


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