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 That's right, folks!


Tonight is the last chance to see the Christmas splendor that is "Honky Tonk Holidaze".  We're at Antone's tonight with a super bill including Mike and the Moonpie and the Whiskey Shivers!  Doors are at 8pm and there is a $5 cover benefiting Austin Pets Alive!


Thank you to everyone who has been out to see the show(s), your support has been greatly appreciated by all of us involved.


Thanks to the bands who participated including The Lonesome Heroes, The Bluebird Specials, and Mike and the Moonpies.  I'd like to especially thank The Whiskey Shivers who have been overly generous with their time and commitment to making these shows happen.  Not only did they learn 7 new songs for the play, each member is also acting in all 3 performances as well!  For a band to agree to do something like this, not to mention pulling it off at the level they have, is rare.  They are a very talented band of hard workers, and have knocked this project outta the park!


I'd also like to thank my dramaturg, Kristin Harrison, who A) taught me what the heck a "dramaturg" was and why I needed one, and B) provided me with much needed guidance to keep my head from exploding while trying to do a million things I've never done before and/or how no idea how to do them.  


Also, thanks to my lovely and talented wife, Amandalin, for all the support and spousal pyschotherapy along the way!  These shows literally wouldn't have happened without her, so if you see her, give her a big hug and for God's sake, buy the lady a drink!


And last but most important, the CAST!  (listed below in order of appearance)


Narrator-- L.B. Deyo

Lady Elf--Goose Galloway

Mrs. Claus--Amandalin

Awesome Glittercorn--Kasey Miller (also props to her mom for a great costume!)

Santa--Wild Bill

Swervin Irven--Bobby Fresh

Bartender--Kool Keef

Karl Krampus--Jacob Jaeger (singing "Santa for Hire")

Kid 1--James Bookert

Chirstian--Kelly Galvin (singing "I'll Believe In Santa If I Want To")  Jackie Oberkrom filled in Dec. 15th and did SUPER!! :)

Kid 2--Joe Deuce 

Quiggly--Andrew Voorhees 

Sheriff--Chad Archer (the pot holder, dawg)

Judge--Sam T. Hadfield

Jesus--Horti Llosa

Cody Rock--Dusty the Flyin Fiend

And introducing "the Dong" as "the Dong"


We hope to see you guys out tonight!  This will be our last show of the year, so have a merry Christmas, a happy holidaze, and a great new year!







"Everybody in this town's a songwriter: your bartender, your boyfriend, your banker. Ogden is, too, but in the context of Wild Bill, everybody else sounds the same."  Chase Hoffberger, Austin Chronicle

"With Wild Bill, you don’t just get a folky, mellow acoustic guitar show. At a Wild Bill show, you, as the audience, experience an all-out blast of demented good times, sordid tales with intriguing finales, extra flourishes and personal touches that only a tripped-out troubadour like Wild Bill can conjure. All that, and deviled eggs.You have to see it to believe it."  Laurie Gallardo, KUT radio

"Sitting down with Wild Bill is kind of like meeting a virile cross between Jackie Gleason and a surly, pre-Scientology Beck for coffee and realizing you might have been better off with a beer or two instead. "  Ed Kiaune, Austin City Sphere


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