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Hey loyal True Believers,


Wendy PM here. I hope that you all have been doing even better than I left you the last time I wrote.


Here's where we left off the last time I sent out an e-mail blast:

My production guy and I each have our favorite tracks, some of which have remained behind the scenes thus far. But there are five tracks on my Reverbnation, fb and myspace pages. I thought it might be nice give you the chance to make your wishes for which you would like to have included on the recording project. Let's keep it to the top two faves for now, and I promise to release the remaining ones on future cds. So your choices have been made and...the selections will be a surprise for the time being. To be continued...


Now regarding the NEW tracks...



One of the new tracks I have been working on was meant to be submitted to the International Songwriting Competition...but it is NOT YET ready  8-( ...So help a sistah out- out of the tracks you have heard on the fb, myspace pages or Reverbnation, which one would YOU recommend for submission? I'm all ears, and eager to hear your responses. Just make it sooner rather than later, por favor, next Thursday is the deadline  8-0 (meant to mimic "The Scream" by Edvard Munch) So do your homework! ;-) 


OOOH! I almost forgot! I've been approached about doing a showcase in Gowanus over the winter--and to sit down with a booker to negotiate being part of their stable. Keep your fingers crossed--oh, what the hell, toes too! While I absolutely have personnel for the studio, I'm hoping wishing praying that I can pull a gigging bassist and drummer out of my hat. If you know anyone local to Staten Island or Brooklyn who would be a good fit for the PM Edition groove, please give a hollah and send them my way :-)


Aaand, stay tuned for more PM Edition updates-and stay as cool as you are!


Wendy PM xxoo

"Wendy's PM Edition shared their unique blend of alternapop." — Babs Martin, Deep Tissue Magazine Issue #4 May 2010

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