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 Good evening ,


First I want to wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year!!. Second thank you so much for the love and support that you have given me over this last year.  It was quite a year with concerts and jazz festivals and work on our current CD project - My Heroes Have Always Been Singers.


With that project in mind let me tell you what is going on with that.  I know that I had been pushing to get it out by the end of December but as we got in to the arranging, studio work, photos and everything that goes into getting a project off the ground and into stores, it occured to me that sometimes it's best to take a few things off the table, namely making a hard and fast deadline.  I think that when one does that and rushes to make that then our bodies of work sound like that - As if we rushed to get the product done.  My band, my fans and my project deserve so much better than that.  Jeff Clayton so graciously arranged and is playing on two tracks - At Long Last Love and Star Eyes - and I thought it was only fitting that he be in the studio with us when we recorded those tracks.  He is back from Australia and we recorded those tracks last week and they sound fabulous.  We have a couple of more dates in the studio to lay down one more song - Caravan - and then my vocal tracks for those three songs and Darius Babazadeh coming in to record the tracks for Stormy Blues, Summer Samba and Caravan.  After that things should be winding their way down to mixing, mastering, turning over the photos and line notes to Shawna at Unisette so that she can work her majic on the art work for the cover.  Off to Discmakers and back to us for distribution.  I'll definitely keep you apprised. Below is info on the feed the muse campaign which is still ongoing.  There is still time to pre-purchase the CD.  Those who donate or pre-purchase will be acknowledged in the CD liner notes as your purchase or donation helped to get this project off the ground and financed. 


The Feed The Muse Campaign to pre-sell the CD continues. You can go to http://www.feedthemuse.net/vivianlee to contribute or pre-purchase the CD.  If you go to the feed-the-muse page you will find all of the different levels and fan benefits available for those who pre-purchase My Heroes Have Always Been Singers.  If you aren't comfortable with doing business online you can still be a part of it all by mailing a check to Vivian Lee 4706 Acclaro Ct Antelope, Ca 95843.


I will keep you all informed as to the progress of My Heroes Have Always Been Singers and let you know when it gets ready to go to print and packaging at Discmakers.


Here's a little outtake in the studio from Jan 8 thanks to photographer and videographer Phil Kampel -



Have a great week and I hope to see you soon.

Vivian Lee



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