Wendy Rule is coming back to the area in April, and she has a solo concert in Central Massachusetts at Avalon Rose Cottage on Friday April 19th.  On the 20th we do a double bill show at the historic Palace Theater in Stafford Springs, CT and before the evening concert there will be a little mini-fest happening during the day with vendors and workshops.  On the 21st Wendy and I will present a Full Day "Magical Voice" workshop in Wendell, MA.


At the end of July I am presenting, along with Heather Killen from Ohio and Ria Windcaller from Shutesbury, the Women's Warrior Retreat at Temenos in Shutesbury MA.  I've included all of the details and links here for the retreat.  Early Bird registrations ends on May 1st.  Please contact me if you need any info about these shows or workshops, and check out for my shows for the year.  This site is regularly updated as I add shows.


Have a happy and blessed spring season!





My guest this week on Lunch With The Goddess Tuesday April 9th, Noon - 1pm EST is SJ Tucker!  Listen live of use the same link to listen in the archives!

April schedule!


SpiritSong Circle at Avalon Rose Cottage

Tuesday April 9th  7-9pm $25.00

Avalon Rose Cottage
137 Main Street
Spencer, MA 01562

A powerful vocal healing circle!
Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Fair
Saturday April 13th  Noon -7pm
Radisson Hotel, Nashua NH

Readings, live music, and vendors.  


Wendy Rule Weekend


Wendy Rule in Concert Avalon Rose Cottage, Spencer MA

Friday, April 19, 2013


Avalon Rose Cottage
137 Main Street
Spencer, MA 01562

A concert by Wendy Rule.


Music & Magic with Wendy Rule & Kellianna at Palace Theater, CT

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Palace Theater
75 Main St.
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Music & Magic with Wendy Rule & Kellianna at Palace Theater


Magical Voice Workshop Intensive
with Kellianna and Wendy Rule

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Wendell, Massachusetts

In this workshop, Wendy will share with you some of the vocal techniques she uses to create sacred space, and to
raise and direct energy. Combining elements of chant, toning and spoken word, Wendy will use her playful and
lighthearted approach to guide you into a deep and powerful connection with your own Magical Voice.
Kellianna will guide you in the art of SpiritSong, a vocal practice of healing and release. "SpiritSong" is a unique
approach to singing and toning based on a method of "singing without words;" a powerful technique that permits us to reconnect to the most primal form of singing. Also, with creative writing exercises, she will assist you in crafting your very own Medicine Chant, an intentional song for personal healing and growth.

The workshop is suited to anyone following a Spiritual path, regardless of any musical experience.

Location provided with registration.

$85.00 per person

Register by mail:
Payable to
PO Box 902
Wendell, MA 01379



CTPPD Beltane 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013


152 Massirio Dr.
Berlin, CT 06037

So mark your calendars for April 27th from 10 am to 6 pm to join the CTPPD crew for some Beltane merriment! There will be vendors, readers, a workshops, May Pole dancing, crafts, music, dancing, food, community, and loads of fun!

As with last year this event is helping us to raise funds for our fall event so we are looking at an admission of $5 per person or $15 for a family of four. We will not turn anyone away though that wishes to join us but is low on funds.

We will continue with our tradition of helping our community so if you are able please bring a non-perishible food item for humans/animals, pet toys (dog/cat), towels, or anything else on the Humane Society Wish list!

So join us for a day of celebrating community with music, dancing, workshops and fun!


Kellianna in Concert
Sticks and Stones in Fairfax, VA

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Sticks and Stones
9970 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22031

An unplugged concert in an intimate setting!


Fertile Ground Gathering
Triangel, VA

Thursday, May 2, 2013 thru May 5

Prince William Forest Park
Triangle, VA

Fertile Ground Gathering is a Beltane festival created to bring together the Pagan community; helping to build and strengthen the bonds among those who walk the Earth Paths in the greater Washington DC area. Located at Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA, Fertile Ground is family-inclusive and offers fantastic workshops and services, diverse rituals, spectacular entertainment, drum circles and dancing around nightly bonfires, cabin camping, fantastic meals, some very special guests and of course, dancing around the maypole!


Kellianna and Jenna Greene
at The New Deal Cafe,
Greenbelt, MD

Sunday, May 5, 2013


New Deal Cafe

Kellianna and Jenna Greene in Concert!
No cover charge, donations gratefully accepted!

The New Deal Cafe is nestled in historic Roosevelt Center in the heart of Old Greenbelt. Take in a movie in the theater across the square, and join us for dinner afterward. Enjoy live music six nights a week! Sample our gourmet wine selection. Have a latte and read your email using our free wifi internet access.


SpiritSong Circle at The Temple Of Witchcraft

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The Temple Of Witchcraft
Salem, NH

A vocal healing circle.


New York Faerie Festival

Friday, June 28, 2013 thru June 30

2195 State Route 79
Harpursville NY 13787.

Elfin & Sylvan Folk, Wood Sprites & Faerie Folk, and All you Humans who still Believe in Magic...
Join Us in the Rolling Hills and Hollows of Rural New York for Central New York's Faerie Festival!
A time of Escape from ordinary Reality... into Magical Play!




Women's Warrior Retreat

Friday, July 26, 2013 thru July 28

Opens Noon of Friday

65 Mount Mineral Road
Shutesbury, Massachusetts

The women gather in Massachusetts at Temenos, site
of sacred hills, ancient stone chambers and healing waters.
A power place, a spiritual place, a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years. The hills call for an honoring of the Warrior Women. The women of strength, courage, endurance and honor. We will come together for a magical weekend of sisterhood consisting of circle, song, dance, workshops, hiking and physical warrior training in the Japanese martial art Aikido and self-defense.

EARLY BIRD Registration Price through May 1st: $150.00

Registration price May 1st - July 1st:  $175.00

Mail Registration payment to:
PO Box 902
Wendell, MA 01379
Register Online at:

If you would like to arrange your payment into 3 seperate $50.00 payments, please contact
(This option is being offered only to those who need it due to financial hardship)

Price for the weekend includes food and lodging in the Great Hall. There are several tent sites available right around the lodge for those who may want to enjoy sleeping out of doors, or for those who require more privacy for sleeping. The lodge is big and beautiful with some porch space outside for sleeping under the stars, or inside the lodge where there are many spaces to set up your air-mattress. If you are flying in to attend and cannot pack an air mattress and bedding, both will be provided for you. Please provide us with any dietary restrictions. The landscape is wooded and may be difficult to maneuver for anyone who is mobility impaired. From the parking lot to the lodge requires a short walk on a footpath, bags must be carted. There will be assistance to all who need help bringing in their gear. Temenos is a "Device Free Zone". No laptops, no cell phones allowed in the lodge. No service anyway!

Women's Warrior Retreat Presenters:

**Kellianna is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter and teacher performing powerful Goddess & Mythology inspired folk music and chant at gatherings and venues in 8 countries on 3 seperate continents. She is a certified teacher of SpiritSong, a vocal healing practice and a powerful tool for freeing the voice and accessing the authentic and unique sound that is you. Kellianna facilitates SpiritSong Circles and wheel of the year Ritual Chant Circles at festivals and shops all over the US, Canada, The British Isles, Australia and Europe. She is a writer and collector of chant and takes great joy in sharing these chants in her circles. She is experienced in the art of ritual chant, and uses the song to move energy, to celebrate the ancient mysteries, to strengthen, empower, and manifest intention.

** Alexandria (Ria) Windcaller is an author, columnist, Aikido Sensei, and CEO of an internationally recognized
conflict management firm. She has over 30 years of applied practice in the Japanese martial art Aikido. As a consultant and Senior Trainer at Response Training Programs LLC she helps organizations and people learn “how-to” secure safety during potentially volatile scenes. Ria integrates the principles of Aikido into her safety-based
curriculum and her everyday life. Early in her career she worked as a wilderness instructor for over 10 years. At that time she also designed and consulted on outdoor clothing and equipment. Her teachings are experiential at its best with a touch of “lets have fun” while keeping the outdoors safe for novice and experts alike.

** Heather Killen is Priestess, craftswoman, and teacher. Sheis an ordained Wiccan Clergy Woman in the State of Ohio and actively practicing witch of over 19 years. In addition to being a mother of two, Heather has actively taught women's and warrior mysteries across Northern America for the last 13 years. She has received degrees from Black Thorne Temple, Silver Web and O.L.O.E, a recipient of the Leslie P. Dauterman award. She isn’t a witch beholding to degrees, favoring practical application, heart, integrity, common sense,wisdom and skill. Heather does Clergy work for the Ohio Prison system when able. In addition to being the founder, organizer and director of the Earth Warriors Festival, she is also the owner of Violet Flame Gifts. Opened in 2003, VFG is a hearth based Practitioner’s Shop specializing in all natural, hand blended body products, oils, and custom work. Heather is a practical, down to earth witch who is frequently called an irrepressible force of nature.

**Women's Warrior Retreat Workshops and Offerings**

Kellianna Presents:

Ancestral Journey - A Chant Circle dedicated to thousands of generations of Women and their teachings

In the whispering hills of Temenos we gather to sing to the Stones of the Earth. To sing to the Bones. To sing to the Grandmothers. To honor our Maternal line back through time to the very beginning. When we come together to sing in their honor we can hear their call, as they can hear our song...when we sing to the Stones, when we sing to the Bones, when we sing to the Ancestors...

SpiritSong Circle - A vocal workshop to help you discover your very own "Warrior Song".

She rests inside of you, always ready when you need her. She is courage, power, passion and protector.
Using the vocal practice of SpiritSong, Kellianna will guide you on a journey of release and personal discovery as we delve deep down inside of ourselves, acknowledging but not re-living, our wounds and scars, those things that have helped us to be become the Warrior Women that we are today, strong loving and resilient. We delve deep down inside and we claim her. And then we give her voice. And then we sing her song. She, that Warrior inside each of us, will break out with a song of undeniable power and
individuality. Be it a battle cry or lullaby, we will sing our Warrior Song.

Write Your Own Medicine Chant - A creative writing workshop

Song and chant are powerful tools for healing and release. In this creative writing workshop you will learn techniques and formulas for birthing your very own personal medicine chant. Do you seek healing or release? Sing, sing, sing it out!!!

Ria Windcaller Presents:

Aikido at Temenos-
Workshop 1 with Jo
Ria will be teaching the use of the 4-foot staff known, as a “Jo” in Japanese. This morning session will have
everyone moving with a jo and learning a breath Kata. The jo is an eloquent weapon, as it can be spun and twirled around in 3-dimensional space. O’Sensei, the Founder of Aikido, used the jo as part of a purification exercise, that Ria will introduce. If possible, bring along your own 4-foot walking stick, broomstick or other smooth surfaced, round staff.

Workshop 2– Walking from the Center
Aikido is based upon the principle to not meet violence with greater violence. Rarely does a full-on attack come in silently – more often than not it is loud and unnerving. Not accelerating to the same chaotic state
of mind as a would-be attacker is critical. This workshop will teach how to Step-off-the-line of attack(s)
while maintaining a balanced center both emotionally and physically. Everyone will practice maintaining their center in a safe, fun, and friendly exercises geared for the novice.

Trail Guide for the many beautiful natural features of Temenos including:
Mount Mineral, which is the name of the high plateau where Temenos is located, has natural potholes that
are said to contain different earth minerals – thus the name Mt Mineral. This historic site was once a destination for early vacationers who would come to the potholes at Temenos for what was considered curative waters. Ria has hiked extensively in the vast woodlands surrounding Temenos.

Heather Killen Presents: Silk and Steel -
The path of the Warrior is one steeped in misinterpretation and misrepresentation. It is a path that often is not popular and is sometimes lonely and demands a courageous spirit. The focus of this workshop is how women approach and walk the Warrior's Path. Exploring the inner warrior in every woman; the things women fight for, the reclaiming of the Clan Mothers, and the Warrior Aspect of the Goddess. There is a delicate balance that the female guardian/warrior walks. She is as strong as a tempered blade when needed, and as soft as silk. She is strong and soft because she understands the power of wills and she understands herself. Strong and feminine, what a combo! It leaves weaker men quaking in their sandals.
This workshop is for every woman who has ever defended her hearth and family, to every woman who has honorably stood her ground on what she knew in her heart and gut to be right.
Some of the topics that will be covered: the 3 levels of will, power with vs. power over, boundaries,warding, offence and defense. The Clan Mothers and Grandmothers, Dark Alphas, being pro-active, not playing stupid white woman games, owning yourself, standing your ground, where to find help, the Queens of Olde. The Silk and Steel workshop will conclude with an empowering Women’s ritual, filled with blessings and shields to aid you in your journey.






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