Tony DLivahh

Phoenix, AZ
Rock / progressive / alternative
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Hey Fans & Friends of DLIVAHH!

Sorry I missed you @ Thanksgiving,

hope yours was Awesome ... we had

computer trouble, had to hire a Tech ...

Anyways, on with Biz @ hand!

Wanna make it up to you all, and

also in celebration of how many more

fans have joined me recently, it has

just been nearly impossible to keep up

with all of you, I try to visit as many of

you as possible, fan back etc etc.

SO ...

for a limited time I have

BEHIND THE MASK (the title cut)

for my new album available NOW


SO, just jump over to my page here

@ ReverbNation and pick up your copy

of this way cool & unusual song.

The title explains it all . . .

*And* you can get a download copy of

THE ENTIRE ALBUM at this location,

at ... so here we go,

and Happy Holidays!!



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". . .You have an interesting mix of rap, electronic and it sounds like you have a load of fun getting all metal-shred on Breakin the Curses!"  Craig Griffiths, ReverbNation Artist

"'Simply Wonderful.' (A Fan's response after hearing the release of BEHIND THE MASK on"  Sharon Grimes, Facebook comments

"After spending time as both a musician and minister, Tony “DLivahh” Prince has found a balance of his two inspirations, blending his ’70s music roots with Christian ministry to produce music that both inspires and “rocks.” Prince’s eighth and most recent album is a conceptual disc entitled “Behind the Mask.” The songs featured on “Behind the Mask” have a wide range of themes and sounds, from faith-based ballads about God to high-energy songs that reflect his love of the “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy. Paisley Yankolovich, another modern Christian artist who is based in Phoenix and collaborated with Prince on “Behind the Mask,” reflected on Prince’s work. “Tony is his own creation,” Yankolovich said. “He is an incredibly talented musician and singer and songwriter, but he definitely marches to the beat of his own drum.” ... Prince said the only mission he has in making music is bringing people joy. "  Linnea Bennett, Downtown Devil (online publication)


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