Krista Herring

Alright loves,


5 HOURS LEFT. 80% THERE. Miracles have happened in less time.  Here's the thing- whatever happens, I feel so blessed by the support of so many people in my life, and people that I have never met sharing their resources with me to help me bring my gift and passion to the world.


I know we still have almost $1900 to raise in 5 hours (or we get nothing.) But I know you believe in me and the music. And, really, that amount of money is hardly anything spread out over a handful of folks. Don't discount the impact of one person's small donation! It's a cumulative effect. And I like it that way. That's the stuff of miracles right there...the power that we have when we band together to make something happen. The many drops that make up a wave in the ocean.  It's beautiful. And I am so honored to know you would put your time, energy, love, and money behind me.


If you haven't contributed yet, please do so now and help us make a miracle happen in 5 hours!  If we don't meet our goal of $10,000 (less than $2K away!), we don't get anything at all.  That's how it works.

Thank you loves for all you have done, and are doing. We still have time. 

Here is both the kickstarter link and a video I made for you yesterday:


Shine (from the new EP!)--



Catch me?




"Krista´s songwriting, melodies and vocals will tug at your heart strings and have you thinking ´Where have you been all my life Krista!´ One word to describe her music ´Stunning´! "  — ABC's Fame Games
"“ evocative grace, affecting presence, and raw acoustic sound reminiscent of the late Eva Cassidy, vocals to match both the pitch and dulcet resonance of Jewel, and a captivating elegance, and magnetism all her own..." "  — Adrienne Oxton, Northwest Noise
"...such depth that i haven't heard for quite some time... think Patty Griffin's song writing with the voice of Sarah Mclachlan and you are half way there."  — Robert Mills, Maverick Magazine, UK
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