Vagabond Opera


Greetings Vagabond Opera fans! 


We have a special annoucement! 

Our very own composer and saxophone player ROBIN JACKSON is making a solo album! 

If you like songs like "Ravella", "Kabarista Farewell", "The Red Balloon" and "The Last Dance" then you'll be excited to hear this.

He needs your help!  You can be a part of the album creation and pre-order your copy today by donating to his Kickstarter campaign (he is producing it without a label) - and get some really cool incentives, like a custom Vagabond Opera tie-vest, tickets to a show and more! 


We HIGHLY encourage you to watch his entertaining video and support this fabulous musician.







For Updates and show info for Vagabond Opera please visit  or check out our profile! 




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