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Well, I thought I'd share this with y'all.

I've just discovered that I made the cut on Hot Tuna's 'Live' from the Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia recorded November 15, 2000!

I was cruising around the internet for music and took a look at Hot Tuna's iTunes catalog. There are a bunch of great live shows available these days and waddaya know, I was on this gig!

I remember the tour very well. It was 'living the dream' stuff for me, following the Hot Tuna bus to all their tour dates in a little 4 cylinder rental and opening the shows on acoustic guitar. Then I'd get a ringside seat watching Jorma, Jack and the band. Now, I'm from Australia see, so Hot Tuna were still a new experience for me and this was the tour where I really got to know their music over many nights and became an enduring fan. Being the own to earth, friendly guys they are, Jorma & Jack would sometimes invite me to sit in on the last couple of tunes. On this night we jammed on an impromptu version of Willie Dixon's 'Just Want To Make Love To You' and hearing this whole concert again so many years later is just astounding. What great magic Jorma & Jack create ...and Jorma's banter in between songs is a bag of gems in itself!


Here's the link to that show if you care to check it out yourself.
Hot Tuna 2000-11-15 The Birchmere

There are a few references to Fur Peace Ranch so it sounds like we'd just finished up an FPR workshop weekend. It's coming up again for me Aug 23-26 so if you're up for pickin' some wires together be sure to book your spot soon. Here's a brief description of what we get up to in my workshop...

Inside Blues Guitar

Level 2/3

Ever feel like you know where to put your fingers but it just doesn’t sound right? Ever feel like you’re just repeating the same old licks? In this fun and relaxed workshop, Geoff Achison helps students to find the essence of the blues. A highly regarded musician with many years of performing experience, Geoff specialises in creating unique, impromptu solos and creative rhythm guitar parts. Focussing on basic blues structures, you’ll discover how amazing music can be made - even with the simplest of scales! This is a workshop for heart & soul as much as the fingers!

More Info



Thanks guys

Hope to see y'all soon ... Geoff


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