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Hey everybody-


This is one of those "calm before the storm" e-mails, as next week I'm leaving for L.A. for WesFest, and then the U.K. right afterwards for an Aristocrats tour. So I'll be quick. Really.

First, let's talk WesFest 7: Sunday, 3/4/12 at The Roxy in L.A, featuring The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally, and a lot more. It's in 10 days. We're close but not quite at our goal. I'm a little embarrassed to push this so hard because I'm in the headliner, but I'm getting over myself because this really is for a great cause, one that I'm committed to completely: the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship at Berklee College Of Music. And we really need to sell another 40-50 tickets to make it to the $20,000 goal. Every single person will count.

So I've got a deal for you, Southern Californians and anyone on the fence about going: The next 7 people who buy anything in my online store and send me an e-mail telling me they want to go to WesFest 7 will get ONE FREE TICKET TO THE SHOW.


There's just one condition: if you claim the free ticket, you HAVE to go to the show. Not a maybe - we need your commitment. There's only seven free slots and I want to make sure they all get filled by folks who will go to the show...who hopefully will also bring a friend or two and make a night of it.

So, there you have it. Click here to visit my online store, and just reply to this e-mail to claim your free WesFest 7 ticket after your purchase.


Also, we've got a special running for students of Los Angeles Music Academy and Musician's Instituture: $10 tickets at the door with your valid student ID. So if you know some up and coming musicians in L.A. who are looking for a serious hang (hey, it's networking, baby) and were scared by the ticket price, fill them in!

Want to know more about the show, or don't need to be bribed to buy tickets? Just click right below:


I also want to take a second and thank our awesome sponsors. They made a HUGE difference this year and their generous support will help us get within striking distance of the $20,000 fundraising goal. They deserve special recognition, and they are:


* Gallien-Krueger Amplification
* Mike Lull Custom Basses
* D'Addario Strings
* DW Drums

* Eminence Speaker

One last time, here's your full show info:

WesFest 7:
A Concert To Benefit The Wes Wehmiller Scholarship
at Berklee College of Music


The Aristocrats
Guthrie Govan/guitar
Bryan Beller/bass
Marco Minnemann/drums

also performing:

* The Casualties of Jazz - a jazz organ trio that exclusively plays Black Sabbath tunes, featuring keyboardist Matt Rohde, bassist Chris Golden, and drummer Jimmy Paxson

* Danny Mo and the Exciters - featuring 2011 Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award Winner Hayley Jane Batt
and legendary drummer John "JR" Robinson

* The WesFest All-Stars - featuring music by
Mike Keneally, Jackie Daum, Joe Brooks, and Colin Keenan


Right behind that is The Aristocrats' first-ever United Kingdom tour, with intrepid opener Godsticks. Here it is:

Wed. 3/7: London - The Peel (almost sold out!)
Thurs. 3/8: Bilston (Birmingham) - The Robin - with Beller Bass Clinic before the show (details below)
Fri. 3/9: Manchester - Night And Day
Sat. 3/10: Newcastle - The Cluny
Sun. 3/11: Edinburgh - The Voodoo Rooms
(almost sold out!)

The clinic will be sponsored by Mike Lull Custom Basses and Bass Direct, the only Mike Lull dealer in the entire U.K. It will be held on Thursday March 8, at the venue (The Robin in Bilston), at 5pm. Admission is free - all you need to do is RSVP through Bass Direct and then you'll also get a 50% discount to the Aristocrats show that night! We are just full of great deals here today.

As always, full details on each show are available at The Aristocrats website calendar, and my full calendar is on my own website.




February has been an interesting month, and when I say "interesting" I mean it as in the Chinese proverb, "May you live in interesting times." I'll have some news to share with you soon about all of the excitement. For now, let's just make the next two weeks as great as we can. Deal? Deal.

Best wishes to all,


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