Howdy y'all. Happy Holidays. As we all know, unless you still live at home with your parents, or, believe in Santa, the holidays can really suck and be stressful. Well, how about you blow off shopping for loved ones, and come listen to some absurd, soaked-in-sarcasm hate mongering by myself and a TON of special guests at the Hollywood Improv this Friday at 8PM. Deal? Good. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Also, if you scroll down, chances are I'm heading to your neck of the woods sometime in the next 9 months. Come out and check out the new act I'm tuning up for a new album.

I love you guys.



December 16 The Hollywood Improv, Hollywood, CA
December 28-31 Cracker's Comedy Club Indy, IN
January 7 La Grande, OR
January 13-14 The Spokane Comedy Club Spokane, WA
January 18 Nutt Street Comedy Room Wilmington, NC
January 19 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA
January 20-22 Funny Farm Atlanta, GA
February 1-4 The Funny Bone Virginia Beach, VA
February 15-19 The Funny Bone Richmond, VA
February 23-25 Dr Grins Grand Rapids, MI
March 1-4 The Comic Strip Edmonton, AB, CAN
March 8-11 The Improv Louisville, KY
March 23-24 The Boiler Room Sun Valley, ID
March 280 April 1 The Funny Bone Des Moines, IA
April 12-14 Jukebox Comedy Club Peoria, IL
April 19-22 The Improv Orlando, FL
May 11 The Spokane Club Spokane, WA
May 24-27 The Improv Tampa, FL
July 12-15 The Funny Bone Cincinnati, OH
July 19-22 Rooster T Feathers Sunnyvale, CA
September 13-16 The Funnybone Hartford, CT
October 11-14 The Funnybone Omaha, NE

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