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Madison, WI
Rock / Blues / Classic Rock
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Greetings ,


We are now in the final stages of making the new full length Mojo Radio album.  We have gone through a lot of hard work, emotions, and personal growth to get this one complete.  We really feel this new album is the best thing we have done thus far.  We are about to hand over the tracks to Grooveyard Records to allow them to complete the package with artwork and press the actual CDs.  We can't wait to unveil this to the world.


On a side note, Scott went on the Running With Scossors Podcast recently.  He talked about Mojo Radio, eating sugar sandwiches, and other random stuff.  If you want to learn a little bit more about Scott, then check out episode 44 of the Running with Scissors Podcast.  Click here:


We hope your summer has started off well, and we hope to see you out at a show real soon.  We will be appearing at Atwood Summerfest in July, and Cherry Valley Days in August.


Take care,


Brent, Scott, Jason, and Adam



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"This four-piece band is based in Wisconsin but much of the music here is the kind of powerhouse rock-blues at which Led Zeppelin excelled in their early days..."  Norman Darwen, link

"It used to be that the vocalists with the big blues-inflected rock bands - think The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin - would lace their numbers with some wailing blues harmonica from time to time. Wisconsin four piece Mojo Radio certainly remember this, with a big, big rock-blues sound that has plenty of harmonica work by Adam Zierten neatly and consistently incorporated with the riffing guitars and powerhouse rhythms that recall Led Zeppelin's early days. If you like your blues-rock hot, heavy and harp-laden, this will certainly do the business."  Norman Darwen, Harmonica World (UK)

"Singer Adam Zierten has a voice custom-built for ‘70’s rock." "Guitarist Jason Peterson’s playing is conservative yet emotional." "Drummer Brent King fills each track with a distinctive patter but it’s in the rumble of “Death of Me” that benefits from his full weight. The thumping “Avalanche” is a musical playground for bassist Scott Aumann and his four-string fury. Level, on the mark, and in the pocket, the combined rhythm section gives the guitar and voice all the room they need to flex and strut." " Personal favorite, “Changing of the Tide” could easily sit on Bad Company’s debut. A power-blues rocker, the song is etched by slide guitar, wah wah, pounding bass/drums, incredible vocal and a hook chorus. It’s 1974 all over again!"  Todd K. Smith, The Electric Beard


Philosophers Grove Madison, WI Sat Sep 20 14 04:00 PM  
Crystal Corner Bar Madison, WI Sat Oct 11 14 09:30 PM  
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