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 Hello Friends,


    The Goods return to the Saxon Pub this Saturday at 8pm.  The Chronicle says 9 but but they're wrong.  I promise we start at 8.  It's been a long time since we've played The Saxon and we are excited about getting back in there.  In fact, we have not played on South Lamar since that giant sink hole opened that threatens to swallow the broken spoke:)  I hope you can make it out and see us before that hole spreads and swallows the rest of South Lamar!


   We also have a big new year's eve show I'd like to tell you about.  The Goods will join the Original South Austin Jug Band at the Parish on 12/31/12.  The Jug Band reunited several months ago at Threadgill's and we had so much fun that we have decided to do it again.  The Goods kick off the night around 9-ish and the Jug Band will close it down.  Tickets are on sale at this link www.theparishaustin.com/event/new-years-eve-w-the-original-south-austin-jug-band-warren-hood-and-the-goods.


      In other news, we are another step closer the completion of our album.  The final mixing and mastering is to be done in December.  However, that does not necessarily mean it will be out in January.  While the final touches are being added to the recordings we are still searching for a home for our record.  All I can say about that is "We have top men working on it right now.  Top men..."

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon,



Saxon Pub Austin, TX Sat Jan 31 2015 08:00 PM  
The Liberty Bell Nacogdoches, TX Fri Feb 06 2015 09:00 PM  
The Continental Club Austin, TX Wed Mar 11 2015 06:30 PM  
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