James Straight And The Wide Stance

West Newton, MA
Alternative / Punk/PsychoBilly / Glam
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James Straight and The Wide Stance


"One of my complaints when I leave a show, even by a group I like, is the lack of memorable tunes. James Straight and the Wide Stance doesn't have this problem. Every song they have has a hook and a distinctive personality. I've highlighted a few here but everyone is a rewarding listen. Joe Fagan's guitar always steals the show. His hallmark is a short catchy phrase etched with a rusty corrosive tone. It's a never failing formula. I see guitarists with thousand dollar guitars they can't tune, Joe takes a cheap knockoff and creates memorable riffs left and right. Aut Powell on bass and Laurel Blanchard on drums are one the best rhythm sections in town but alas this raw recording doesn't capture their full power. I don't know why, the mix? It's best to turn it up (never a bad idea anyway) and they can be heard a bit better. This mash up of low culture and excellent song writing is the great CD we hoped we would get every time we heard them play live."  Blowfish, Boston Groupie News

" This a superb collection from this Boston quartet. The four dynamic performers in the band, led by singer James Straight, have been part of the Boston scene for some time. I've said all along that there was some great music and great performing that happened in late 70's - early 80's Boston that never got the exposure it deserved. This CD/mp3 download shows how immortal great rock and roll can be. Every song is a gem. James Straight's vocals are quirky but they're just right for the songs and he definitely grows on you. Joe Fagan's guitar is like a tiger behind a moat. He paces, he growls, he roars and you're just waiting for that moment when he leaps over the whole mishegas to wreak a final apocalyptic havoc. I get shivers. The rhythm section is solid and knows when to anchor and when to stretch, keeping James and Joe from losing all control. My personal favorites are "Lonely", "Babies Go First" and "I Could Have Killed Her" (it's like I've heard them for yea"  Dean F Glines, Drumlab

"James Straight and the Wide Stance seemed itching to get on. They put on their usual entertaining show that has become familiar to those who have been following them. This night the closeness and the enthusiasm of the audience add to the mix. The CD is out and captures this batch of songs well. More than ever I can see that Joe Fagan on guitar is a master of riff rock. Many times the song's center is a six note riff that the rhythm section makes sure to ride on. It's catchy and driven by the groove. I just love this stuff. Everyone there ate it up and they got some encores. One being "Under My Wheels" by Alice Cooper that was an allusion to the recent happenings in Boston. The Stance are doing things right."  Blowfish, Boston Groupie News


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