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that leaves perching, an activity that gobbles up 74% of their time. What do Cardinals do when they perch?   I sip my coffee and the birds feed and then alight on a limb and seem to puzzle out the day mainly singing and scratching their feathers. Just staring off into this place we call earth.  


Adela & Jude just returned from a 1500 mile tour, we saw old friends in familiar places, saw people who returned to see us at Hollywood Gardens in Rochester, PA.  A favorite place of ours to perform - Frank the owner is a kind and generous soul - and welcomed us after a year since we had performed.  To our amazement, several couples who saw us returned to see us again - and we got to know them.  We are thankful.   We also ordered "mush" in New Brighton PA - it is delicious with butter and hot sauce.   


I watch her pant in the heat as she sits on her clutch. The male comes and goes, bringing her food. The eggs hatch in eleven to fifteen days. There is a record of a wild Cardinal lasting 15 years and 9 months.  On average 60 to 65 percent of adult Cardinals survive each year. 


As fall approaches here in New England, we have a few small tours around the Northeast and out to Harrisburg, PA and points inbetween - Our record is almost completed, and we are luck enough to have some truly fine musicians and friends adding fiddle, twang and cry to our music.  Look for it soon - sometime around November - we'll also be offering some special stuff to our reverbnation friends here - one of a kind items - that come along with the new record.  


In Tennessee, during a dry spell, a bunch of Cardinals - four females, and two males - bathed in the heavy dew dripping of a sassafras, red maple and willows.  Cardinals also like a good sun bath - wings drooped and open wide, tails fanned out, that crest on their head flared.  Sometimes they drink in the rays for a good fifteen minutes at a crack. We are reluctant to allow birds the motives of a woman at the beach.  


Summer is dying, and the yellow light of fall has begun to creep in, no longer do we have the days of deep June with it's white glare.  Adela & Jude will be performing Locally in the Boston area at a great big hullabaloo called "The New England Americana Festival" - taking place over three nights in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Ma.  The organizers are good friends and have worked very hard putting heart, sweat and soul into making it a success.   If you enjoy our music, I hope you will tell your friends in the area about this great event.  It shall be. 


Thanks to you, for liking us.  We do what we do, and we are very thankful.


Raise & Praise !


Adela & Jude


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