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It's been a while since we sent a newsletter...but that's good because the tribe has been workin their butts off ! If you haven't noticed yet we have begun releasing a bunch of Youtube music videos. Just search for "Lenny Mink" or visit our site at to watch and listen.


A few weeks back we played the Dancefestopia 2012 festival in Kansas City and shared the stage with some of the hottest acts around, including Wiz Khalifa, FloRida, Matisyahu and a bunch of others. It was mostly electronic / dance music, so they needed a real rock band to remind people of what it sounds like when real live instruments are played ! Just kidding, a lot of the DJ's were excellent. And of course Matisyahu's band just ripped it up !


We have released 3 videos in the past few weeks - 2 from the Dancefest set (with more in post-production as we speak), and a "50's style" video for "Jump the Track", one of the singles off the new album "Return of the Lost Camel". Currently we are making the album available online for FREE only for a limited time ! 


Lenny has been writing songs weekly, and practically living in the studio recording them. Ready for a new album? There is already another on the way ! And it might be a double album. But do not fear, we will release the singles also.


Our bass player Dustin has just started his own business, that's keeping him very busy (along with his two young kids). Koffee has been tending to her farm...tilapia, goats, and all! And Kendell has been writing new beats and rhymes like a madman. Sarah currently resides in the quad cities area of Iowa, and has been playing a bunch of shows with Emjay. She's working hard on her guitar skills and of course honing her beautiful voice. We're all hoping she'll rejoin and be 'found' again soon. Our live show is expanding to include more contemporary 'electronic' sounds, so you might be surprised when you see us next time.


Not enough Mink yet ? So here's a little recap of recent and upcoming events for the rest of the summer season.


  • Played the Riot Room in KC recently and blew it up! Look for a KC date in July...
  • We are headed to Colorado for a 10-day run in July. Details to come...
  • We have a couple more festivals coming around too, including the Backwoods Arts Gathering in Mulberry Mtn, Arkansas, and also the Kansas Freedome Fest in November...
  • Dancefestopia 2012 - check out the videos and see for yourself...
  • ...more videos to come...AND we have begun editing the documentary film that was shot about the band. The film is really about every working least that's the premise. The footage was mostly shot last year, and there is a lot of great live concert stuff as well as 'behind the scenes' footage. We're hoping to have some sneak previews (and a 'teaser/trailer") within a month...
  • Lenny Mink is going to be featured as part of a cool 72 hour film project, with 4 other songwriters. They will be collaborating in a beautiful 750 seat theater, creating an album on the spot in just 3 days...while a film crew documents the entire process. It's a film about the creative process itself, and scheduled to shoot in September. We'll have more info on that later this summer...





 And as always, there is more fresh Mink at! 




"Lenny Mink's music has more hooks than Mike Tyson...more hits than Woodstock."  — YZ, YZ
"A Lenny Mink show is not a concert, it's an experience."  — Anonymous Testimonial
"Listening to Lenny Mink's music is akin to packing one's bags and hitting the open road for destinations unknown. With a freedom of style seldom seen in commercial music artists, Mink travels seamlessly between classic rock and roll, blues, jazz, gypsy folk and honky tonk."  — Deborah Wolfe, Lake Today
"Lenny Mink & The Lost and Found exemplified how five unique personalities can have incredible synergy to produce original musical fusion."  — Samantha Edmundson, Lake Today
"Lenny Mink & The Lost and Found exemplified how five unique personalities can have incredible synergy to produce original musical fusion."  — Samantha Edmonson, Lake Today

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