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Hello Everyone,

I do hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was a good one, me, I’ve been watching my waistline a bit more lately. It has been a while since my last letter through ReverbNation to you all, and I wanted to give you an update with what is going on.

First of all, I would like to welcome all of my new fans, and also the new fans who have signed up to my mailing list. I do thank you all very much! And to my fellow ReverbNation artists, your music is coming from your hearts and I can feel it. It is why so many of you have influenced me to post a song of yours on my Favorites list at my ReverbNation profile. Thank you all for your great music.



I recently made a trip in October 2012 to Parker, Colorado USA to visit my longtime friend Anne Freeman and her recording studio called HyperThreat Sound.

Anne is a great singer, songwriter and composer who has been writing songs for some time now. Her and I recorded a few of her songs many years ago in Los Angeles, California. Fast forward up to now, and we have been collaborating again, this time I sent bass guitar audio stems for her songs over the internet to her studio and we created some great music together. Anne also had drummer Chad Kent flown in for the recording sessions that weekend, the sessions were called "Ghost Embrace". The music is very special indeed, and there is a sneak peek video posted at YouTube showcasing Anne’s song titled "Prisoner Of Pretty Lies" -

It was wonderful for me to see Anne again after so many years, she is a great lady and her recording studio has been helping a variety of artists in the greater Denver, Colorado area.



My good friends Tom and Trish Chappell aka T’NT in Babylon, New York and I have also been collaborating over the internet as they have finished their third release titled "Don’t Let Go". It has been a joy for me to work with them as their bass player on this project. We had previously worked together some years ago on their second release titled "Something Good" while I was living in New York..There is a preview song from Don’t Let Go titled "Today" that is posted at their website.

It turned out great, and I think that this release of music from them will raise their level in the industry as artists, as well as to continue to honor the great soul and r&b music that has influenced myself and so many to this day.



As tech trends continue, I did install a really good audio mastering program on my computer. I have been doing a couple of test masters on a couple of new songs that I have. Things are sounding good, and it is likely that I will release those songs as singles early next year.



I wish you all a safe and happy Holiday Season, thanks for reading this letter and take good care. I will be in contact again as the new year begins. Peace.




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"If you can't groove to Jerome's high energy, folks - you got both feet in th' hole already... I give this a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone who loves R&B, soul & jazz."  Dick Metcalf aka Rotcod Zzaj, IMPROVIJAZZATION Nation

"Jerome Lee has survived the test of time having been making music for 40 years! His work is truly what “adult contemporary” should be..."  Ellen Eldridge, Target Audience Magazine

"The second thing I noticed about Jerome Lee was that this cat could play! Sure, he is a solid bass player, but Lee really transcends the realm of “good” bass players when he solos"  Michael Broyles, The Daily Vault


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