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In a couple of days, my Grandma will be over and be bringing her world famous noodles!  Ok, maybe eveyone has a grandma with world famous noodles.  I guess everyone thinks their Grandma has the best noodles ever....but my Grandma still makes the best noodles I've ever had!  


Playing music is a lot like Grandma's noodles...When I play for a room full of my fans, they've already decided they like my music and that's why they are there.  When playing out of town, it is very hard to gain fans.  I'm trying to gain exposure regionally and nationally and it is a long up hill battle.  I count the small victories, and all the small victories add up to be very big, if you stack them well enough and keep building.  So, Thank you very much for being a fan, your support is very much appreciated!


     I do have some very cool things coming up in the near future!  Dec 14th my band will be at one of Lafayette's top music venues, The Lafayette Brewing Company!  The link is below with the details, but this will be a great night!  This is a milestone for me in my career, I hope you can join us!  I will be performing on WFLI Channel 18 morning news show on the Dec 13th, and on BobFM on the 14th!


     In January my band will opening for a National Touring band, The Steepwater Band.  We will be in Indy at Beale St Live, a 1500 person venue!


     I am working on a new single.  I have a little bit more to record then it will be time to mix and master!  I will keep you up to date on when that will be released.  I will be releasing it as a single, online only!  I'm doing a lot of writing right now , I have about 4 new songs total.


     I now have women's t-shirt, Black shirts with a pink logo!


     I quit my job to pursue a career in music, and I'm not about to give up!  There are a lot of things to be thankful for and agian, You are one them!  Thank you!



 Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Wells




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