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Hello Everyone!


As promised, here is my last ReverbNation email from "i said i said".  If you have just joined the email list, "i said i said" is no longer together.  This email is to inform you of all of the former members most recent projects, and let you know what we are up to, so you can continue to support the local music scene!


Earl Judd has joined Villian Family!  http://villainfamily.com/.  They play often, and bring out a great crowd, so if you haven't already, be sure to check them out!!


Eric Matthews is in an acoustic duo with Huey Hester called "Huey and The Man."  I guess that makes Eric "The Man"!  They perform cover songs around town, so check them out here:   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Huey-and-The-Man/158469574218442?ref=ts&sk=wall


Chad Berghman is attending Atlanta Institue of Music studying guitar, and is loving it.


Michael Shane formed the band "Secret Shakes", and will be putting out an album soon!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Secret-Shakes/285114559741


Chris Wilfong has paired up with Megan Sepate to form "Record Stop Play".  


I recently saw them for the first time at 529, and they put on a GREAT show!!


I am currently wrapping up a solo project with producer Pascal Zumaque.  You can listen to a few of the songs here:  www.soundcloud.com/melissabukovinac


I am also doing my own series of YouTube videos of unreleased solo acoustic songs that you can check out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/mbukovinac.  I am only releasing one song per week, so if you like the first one, "Interpreter", SUBSCRIBE!!  :)




EXTENDED THANK YOU'S:  I know it's a little late, but I finally had the time to sit down and complile a list of all of the people who made "i said i said" possible.  I'm sorry I could not list all of the bands we have played with and venues we have performed at, so know that you are included, and we are greatful!  The list is too big because of all the acts of kindness from our friends, family, and fans who supported us;  Shannon Judd for letting us practice even when the neighbors called the cops, Patrick VanStaveren for giving us a place to crash in Chicago, Eric's family for letting us stay with them in Cincinnati, my mom for replacing my window that got busted out in Detroit, and dad buying 10 cds just so he could give them away...  all of our friends who handed out cds, bought a shirt, worked the merch table, got us shows through word of mouth...  The list goes on...  Here are just a few more major contributors I'd like to mention in time-line order:



Katie Daufeldt-  Part of the original group that helped us get started! 

Camillo Aguirre- Producer of the first album "Slender Threads"

Tommy Green- Artwork for "Slender Threads"

Rodrigo Aguirre- Graphic Design for "Slender Threads"

Chip & Melissa Martin- Hosted cd release party

Alex Lopez- Recording Engineer for all of our full band demos

Meghan Hubbell-  Host of Camp Sunshine

Leah Waxell-  Helping us get a last minute show in Toledo

Aaron Carouthers- Helping us get a show in Detroit

Kristin Nakama- Makeup & Styling

Jenni Elia- Random Beauty Photo Shoot!

MadeLoud.com, and Silver Tongue Magazine- Great Interviews!

Julia Hightower- Asking us play at her coming home party

Nadia Lelutiu- Getting us on the Strange Daze Bill 

Gail Fountain- Photography at Strange Daze

Jimmy Thrower- Putting together Tallapalooza



My email is always the same.   melissabukovinac@gmail.com.  I hope to hear from you soon!



-Melissa Bukovinac









"i said i said is known for catchy, poppy hooks mingled with strong vocals and thoughtful lyrics."  Janet Jay, MadeLoud.com

"...a fun alt pop sound, powerful vocals, and deeply moving lyrics. Their catchy energetic tunes keep you moving, while the depth of songwriting reveals new meaning with each play."  Myriah Christine, The Silver Tounge


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