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I will be honest. I left a 15 year marriage, 2 dogs, an 1875 farm house and an entire life, because I met a guy who, to me, looked like a 1972 Neil Young. Turns out he was not infact a 1972 Neil Young but God Dammit if I didn't try to find even one ounce of Neil Young in him. In the course of  about 3 months, our spring fling had fizzled and  I had kicked him out of my old log cabin, loaded his bed in the back of my old brown ranch truck, and drove it to his job site, at the urging of my best friend, and said that's it, we are done. And we were. The dream I had in my head was so great. It may have been the best one I've ever had and it hurt to let it go...but I did.
I was born to a Neil Young soundtrack, perhaps even conceived to one. He has been the one and only soothing voice in my life. When times go south, as they often do, I put on an old Neil Young album and just sit and listen. To say I love Neil would be an understatment. Some of my best concert memories have been at Neil Young shows... If I could have any band in the world be my back up band...it would be Crazy Horse. I always tell my bass players to keep it simple in a Billy Talbot sort of way. They all might not be as well versed in the 'down sit down' rhythms I have pounding in my brain at all times but if they did their homework, they'd know.
My guitars and songs sound seated the most in drop C tunings, like the ones Neil has used in songs like 'Don't Let it Bring You Down'. I am not sure I could ever play an entire show with out playing one Neil Young song. His songs are my religion.
Here's a great story on Neil from Graham Nash...More Barn
This November marks my Awnry Girl Productions 6th annual tribute to Neil Young. It is my favorite tribute of the year. If you would like to be included in playing this very special night, please send me an email at awnrygirl2008@yahoo.com with your top 3-5 song choices, band configuration and any time issues. We will have it again I think at Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids and Solids in Longmont on Wednesday Nov 20 7 pm.
As many of you know, Awnry Girl Productions has been doing fundraisers for some of our musician friends in Lyons, who lost everything due to the catastrophic flooding in September. I am proud to say, we have raised nearly $6,000 and the recipients are nothing but appreciative and tell me how much it means to them. So thank you for being part of this (if you have been).
I have had some time to think over the last 6 weeks about what is next and here is what I've come up with.
As many of our Creative Lyons' residents have lost their homes and ways, I want to be part of the solution that keeps Lyons the creative community we have all come to know, love and be part of. As a girl with a trailer park heart, seeing the Riverbend Trailer Park (the one across from Planet Bluegrass) destroyed by the flooding, and hearing that the owner of the land, says he will not build another trailer park again there, has left me feeling broken. I want to help rebuild and be part of the solution. It is my goal in life to in some way, make either another trailer park or make a seriously affordable (to artists' wages) housing development as quickly as possible. It it my goal to use our creative types (musicians, artists, photographers, hair dressers, printers, sound engineers and more) to draw attention to the fact that Lyons will not be the same if it does not continue to include our artistic community. After going to a meeting Sunday morning in the Lyons' Elementary School gymnasium on afforable housing, I was pleased to hear that our mayor, Julie, and many residents feel the same way. We realize we have an opportunity to get specific funds to keep our creatives housed in Lyons and also a chance to perhaps bend the rules a bit to find a parcel of land that would be used to rebuild a trailer park again.

A couple weeks ago, I had an idea come into my head as I was cleaning, that I wanted to make a double album and documentary film that included local and national musicians who would contribute songs having been inspired by or having to do with what happened due to the flooding. Some artists may have songs already recorded that would fit, and some artists would write specific new songs for the project. It was my hope to have this raise awarness of our unique artistic community and how we don't want it to slip away. It is my intention to raise not only awarness but money to fund grants to our creative community who want to continue to live in Lyons proper. I would like to get the costs of the album making and film making donated or funded by Grants (which  I hear are available). I approached local musician and film maker, Sally Van Meter, to join me in in both aspects of this recording and film project. With out any hesistation, she agreed and had a million ideas too.
This is the first step. I do not know what this will look like necessarily but I do know that it will have a lot of heart and soul. Last year was the first Lyons' Film Festival and I'd like to have this new documentary done by the time the 2014 one rolls around. The documentary will tell the story of our creative/artistic community, who lost thier homes, it will show our efforts in returning people to Lyons and include the songs and musicians, artists and photographers who will be part of the project. We have a very unique opportunity to try and hold on to what was so special to all of us about Lyons... If you are interested in keeping up to date with this project, please email me at awnrygirl2008@yahoo.com and let me know what you'd like to do. I will be searching for musicians and songs, studio time, mixing, mastering, replication, art work, photos, hair styling, promotion, bookings, etc...
South St Vrain by Jami Lunde
It has been roughly 6 weeks since the flooding and Lyons is still in rough shape but each day small steps are being taken that return us closer to the life we knew. Our number one goal is to go 'Home Again'. I think I just named our project. Home Again. This is something my friend and neighbor Annie Grace has been saying for a long time. She is not a song writer or musician, but she's sung this song to me for so long that I think It's my job to finish it.

South St Vrain By Jami Lunde

We all just want to go Home Again...
As many of you know, I have purposley taken a bit of a break musically. It was my plan to start recording my third album this fall and winter with Eben Grace. Then the flood came and both of his studios are now gutted. So I am left with no shows to play (as I didn't book any thinking i'd be busy recording) and no studio to begin our work in. So I am happy to have been invited to play this Saturday 10/26/13  in Sandstone Park in Lyons before the Halloween Parade...details to follow. I am looking for co bills, openings, residencies, and listening room shows to start playing out some of my 40+ new songs that were written over the last year. I had the great pleasure of playing with my new 'maybe' band as last month's Gram Parsons' tribute and it felt good to bring the rock n roll back.. I am also looking for house concert opportunities. If you have any ideas, want to share a show, host me in a residency program (where I come play every week-like on a monday or something) or have me in your home...I am feeling a little lost with out a full schedule of shows or plans to record soon. Thank you for reading, don't be shy about communicating with me. It has meant so much to me those of you who read these and write me back. We are not so alone after all. Email is the best way for commuicating with me if we aren't in person. I hate answering the phone, listening to messages or talking on the phone.

Up On The Sun, by Jami Lunde

Up on the Sun By Jami Lunde


"A world traveled alt.country troubadour, Lunde parks it in Colorado with some local luminaries with national reputations and turns in the set people that who would like a Lucinda Williams that speaks to a younger generation have been looking for. With concise, hard hitting lyrics leading the way, this is one of those indie albums that sneaks up on you and blows you away. A welcome new vector for Americana for sure."  — Midwest Entertainment

"Jami Lunde is one of the primary musical forces emanating from the outsized arts community in Lyons. She produces concerts in the area, including the popular tributes to various venerated artists at Oskar Blues. She's also a serious songwriter and performer. "  — Quentin Young, Longmont Times-Call

"Over the years, Jami has gathered over $16,000 from you generous and caring folks of this wonderful little town for: the Japanese tsunami, the Haitian earthquake/Bresma orphanage, the Fourmile and Waldo fires."  — David McIntyre, Lyons' Recorder


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