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East SK, SK
Pop / Electronica / Ballads
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 Hello , all!

This will be a long story, so have a coffee, or a cup of tea, and drown within my letters. I have a few words to say. First of all, let me inform you that my song “ALOHA MY LOVE” (which is probably my most significant tune) has just been released officially on a MUSEBOAT RADIO compilation called “MUSEBOAT DIGEST – SEASON SPRING 2013” through a German indie label IMMT Records under Museboat Radio and KBM Publishing Seriously, this is a very huge step forward for me and I’d like to thank all at Museboat Radio, esp. to Andy, to Kimmy and all at IMMT Records, as well. The compilation includes 13 great songs from great indie artists, I’m sure you’d find your favourites. The compilation is available at


Amazon (worldwide),

Like in the UK:



and in many other countries, incl. France, Spain, Japan…. Wherever you are on this planet.




and is also available from


The album should be available on iTunes, soon, too.


To make you understand my point is not to force you to buy the compilation, but ofcourse, you can buy it if you want. It does feel very cool to share such happy news with you.  All of you reading now, all of you clicked that „become a fan“ button. But let’s just be honest.  There are not many people coming back to my reverbnation profile to listen. I understand. It’s hard to find time to listen, we live the busy times. And whoever you are, there is one sentence that I really don’t like when someone introduces themselves to me saying something like: „I liked/fanned your page, please, like/fan me back“, or „Like my page and I will return the favour“...  Trust me, if I liked your pages or became your fan it was because I found the time to listen to your music, really liked it and then decided to become your fan. Another honest thing is, we are not really fans of each other. We’re all musicians, mostly indies doing our ‚thing‘. It’s great to interact with each other, learn new things, find new collaborations. That’s why ReverbNation is a great tool for musicians. But the problem is a real lack of real fans. People hardly find time to listen and share something that is not commercial. And that’s a fact. But I’m thankful for all of you. You know that.


I never know what the future prepares for me and my music. I know it’s not perfect, and that I’m not perfect. I’m trying to do my best on a very beginner’s level, though some of my collaborations took my music to a whole different level. Whenever you find some time, you can listen to my songs. Something very experimental is on the way, a whole new sound to me, plus I’m working on a song called „Kind Of Love“ and trying to make it sound as best as possible. We’ll see, if it works. I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading and have a successful new week! Thank you.




"Your voice is very special! I like that! Also is your songwritin not so ordinary. Keep up your inspirations! Best!"  mspiano

"I love your electronica!! You are a very talented young man. Best of luck in everything you do!!"  David (dctanner)

"Good work my friend, reminds me of Kraftwerk..."  Glideascope (on "I Can Save Your Name" on


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