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 3 years ago my TV show "Style-City Music Presents" first aired on TBCN in Tampa, FL January 23rd, 2010. Since then this show has aired on 168 TV stations throughout the United States, Plus South Africa, and Canada. The show has been added to stations no fewer than 2,738 times. I've played music videos on the show from 1,278 recording artists in that time period. And have produced 283 episodes and counting. not bad for 1,095 days. Thanks for all of your support. Q' - Style-City Music


 Style-City Music Presents (Season 21, Episode 12)


Show intro

start 00:00:00:00 - end 00:00:38:04


Host Intro 

start 00:00:38:04 - end 00:01:12:04


Style-City Music "Delta Blues"

start 00:01:12:04 - end 00:04:03:10


Gary Allan "Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)

Start 00:04:03:10 - end 00:08:01:00


Bess Rogers "Hip Spotlight"

start 00:08:01:00 - end 00:11:56:16


Bess Rogers "Math And Science"

start 00:11:56:16 - end 00:15:46:13


Drums Of London "Girls Girls Girls"

start 00:15:46:13 - end 00:19:14:05


Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate "While I Still Can"

start 00:19:14:05 - end 00:23:46:06


Sean Forbes "Bob Dylan (Was The First Rapper)"

start 00:23:46:06 - end 00:26:10:15


Style-City Music "New Shoes"

start 00:26:10:15 - end 00:28:28:00


Host Outro

Start 00:28:28:00  - End 00:28:28:00 


show end 

start 00:28:28:00 - end 00:29:00:00 


SHOW PROMO 00:29:00:01 - 00:29:30:02



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"Man, the Djvem remix on "In tyme" is so nice. The lyrics are 'true da beat' and your visuals are defly refreshing. Keep on doin'it Q!"  DfunkyD, YouTube

"great track "Q".., sweet mix, could hear everything! slammin' rythyms, gotta move on that one"  Kenny Smith, YouTube

"This is awesome my brethren. Ras Cardo send much love. Keep up the great works. I have been very busy getting my works to you so hold tight soon it will be there . Respect,"  flexmilitant, YouTube


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