SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble Of Shadows

Sanatorium Altrosa, DE
Classical / Gothic / Melodramatic Fabulousness
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Since I missed the deadline for cancelling my reverbnation newsletter subscription (typical), I might as well make use of it once more, do the unthinkable ... and wish everyone a


The time "between the years" (as the Germans say) is a strange one, and for some people it is harder than for others.


Sometimes a lot harder.

When I was little, there were three days that I used to dread: Xmas, New Year and my birthday.

Birthdays are OK now, I actually find them kind of amusing. Xmas is fine as well, because it has basically been erased completely (thank goodness). But New Year ... well, New Year is still a mean one. I can't even sleep through it, because the fireworks always wake me up. I don't know what it is about them, but fireworks always make me extremely sad.

Well, if I won't be able to sleep, I might as well do something productive then. :)
Oh, speaking of which: there will be a new SOPOR album in 2013 (maybe even more than one). So there is at least something to look forward to. ;)

Well, on that note: HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Yours most fabulously,

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