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San Diego, CA
Singer Songwriter / Folk Pop
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Hi everyone! We are finally back in San Diego and recovering from our month-long West Coast Tour. What an amazing experience we had! Many of you are probably receiving this newsletter for the first time - we entered almost 200 new email addresses from people who signed up during the tour! We can't thank you enough for taking that extra step to stay connected with us. We'll do our best to keep you entertained :)


So what's next for The Lovebirds? Here's the rundown, as well as ways you can help!

1. Local Shows! Check out the calendar...we've scheduled a ton of local gigs for your viewing pleasure! Up next is a special songwriter showcase at Swedenbourg Hall featuring members of The Lovebirds and Berkley Hart as individual songwriters in the round. Bring a friend!


2. Album promotion! Our new record "and a one, and a two" is still brand spanking new. Physical CDs are available at and digital copies are available on Itunes. You can also stream our music on Spotify! Please do us a favor - if you like our music, share it with someone who doesn't know about us! We don't even care if you burn a couple copies of yoru CD to share! We are proud of this album, and we want to spread the new music with as many people as possible. That is where your support is crucial!

3. Writing and Recording. Relationship Breakups and Tours are always such an inspiring experience- we wrote our little butts off in the last several months, and we already have about 8 songs ready to go for our third album. We aren't sure if 3 albums in 3 years is possible, but we've accomplished crazier things. Many of you have been looking for recordings of new songs, which don't really exist yet - BUT you can always preview drafts of new songs on our YouTube page. And of course, feel free to share links of songs you like with your friends...are you sensing a theme here of how much we need you? :)


4. Side Projects.  Veronica and I also want to spend some time working on several other creative projects near and dear to our hearts. V is making her debut this month as a new member of the band Tiger Milk Imports. She has also been working away on a children's book that focuses on teaching Music Theory in a easy-to-understand way. As for me, I'll be in the studio finishing up the debut record for my band Lindsay & the White Lies, writing the August cover story on Rob Deez for the San Diego Troubadour, and taking a stab at my first screenplay. We'll keep you posted on these adventures!

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"Who’s interested in learning more about an adorable lesbian folk/pop duo made up of two award-winning songwriters who just happen to be in love with each other? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Lindsay White and Veronica May – aka, The Lovebirds. With solo projects thriving, these two San Diego musicians have come together to create their debut effort as a unit with the release of Nutsy Pants. Give a listen to their album and it’s clear they have talent. Watch their spoof YouTube video and it’s hilariously obvious that they have humor. And keep reading this interview and you’ll see that even when they face challenges, they definitely have what it takes to overcome them, together."  Rachel, Cherry Grrl

"The Lovebirds – award-winning San Diego songwriters Veronica May and Lindsay White – are band mates, but here’s the kicker: they’re soulmates too. The duo has been a romantic couple for two years. Their style is comprised of guitar and ukulele riffs, offering an old-timey love song feel but with a modern tempo and harmonies so tight you’ll swear in ecstasy or disbelief. Skating the line between folk and pop, The Lovebirds perform all original songs."  Holly Hatch, Out Front Colorado

"Then there were the Lovebirds! I have been listening to Veronica May for quite some time now. There are no words to explain the amazing musician she is. However, this was the first time I’ve seen the Lovebirds live. With the incredible guitar skills of Veronica May and the sweet voice of Lindsay White, they really spoke to me. They display a sweet, folksy sound that is enhanced with the harmonica played by Jeffrey Joe on their blues songs. The heartfelt emotions that are expressed through their songwriting is similar to the Indigo Girls or Ani DiFranco, but they are very unique in their instrumentation and vocal harmonies. With the all around talent of Veronica May on guitar, vocals, ukulele, and occasionally the drums, she entertains alone, but then you add the sweet, innocent voice of Lindsay White and you have some incredible stories that are told. They are free, open, and expressive in their art and can really make you laugh!"  Mayor Tom's Speech (blog)


House Concert La Mesa, CA Sat Apr 19 14 06:00 PM  
Private House Concert Del Mar, CA Sat Apr 26 14 07:00 PM  
Fearless Radio Interview Chicago, IL Tue Apr 29 14 02:30 PM Tickets
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