Hawks and Owls string band
Folk / Old Time Fiddle Music / Appalachian, Bluegrass, Country Blues
Members: Bruce Ling vocals,fiddle,mandolin,flatpicked guitar,slide guitar; Becca Ling vocals,rhythm guitar

Hi Folks,

I’m hoping that you’ve been enjoying your summer, between Thunder Showers. It’s been a crazy wet summer, and I feel for those that are farming for a living. You can’t get out in the fields for the mud.

We’ve been keeping an eye on this website for the incoming deluges. I was sent a link to this site many years ago, from Mark Walton, now retired former head hydrologist at the National Weather Service. This is one of the tools they gave me when I started keeping and monitoring their flood gauge, here in my yard.

Go to this site: http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar_lite.php?rid=GRR&product=N0S&loop=yes

Now, look under that map of Michigan and you’ll see two rows of 6 map boxes. Click on the second from the right, on the top line of map boxes. The link will change to:

You’re looking at the precipitation in different areas, light blue is light moisture in the atmosphere, red  indicates thunderstorms and heavy rain. The movement is the looped trending path, showing direction.

Now, go to the top left side of this map and you will see the words ”full resolution version loop”. Click on this, if you will, and now you’ll see the big picture. The link will change to:

If you have a TV maybe you've see this on the weather report. I haven’t had a TV connection for over twenty years, and so I check this site to see what’s brewing while inclement weather is heading my way.

Another great site to keep an eye on, especially if you’re near a River, is the National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service. Here’s a link to the flood gauge in my backyard: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=grr&gage=cmpm4  
Each blue dot represents a phone call from me with the current level. These levels are taken off of what is considered a “manual gauge”. The only other manual gauge nearby is at the boat launch in Lowell, read and called in by the guys that work at the waste water treatment facility there, at the conjunction of the Flat and Grand Rivers. All the other gauges are automatic and computerized.

Lets go upstream to the next upriver gauge, located at the ADA Bridge in Ada.
You can see that the Grand is dropping, and rather quickly in the last 24 hours. This is current info. Good!

You can look at all the gauges on the Grand River by scrolling down on the page and choosing the Upstream Gauge or Downstream Gauge links.
If you want to check out another River's levels, look on the left sidebar and select “Rivers”. You’ll see all the flood gauges in the USA.

Okay, enough of that.
dance like no one is watching...
Remus Heritage Days
Old Time Contra Dance
Sunday, July 20th
Polly Eizel will be Calling/Instructing
No experience is necessary, none!
This will be a throw down, have at it, old time dance. Barb Weatherhead on upright bass, Becca Ling on a vintage J-50 Gibson guitar, and I’ll be fiddling like there’s no tomorrow. Come on out and see what it’s all about, even if you’ve never done this sort of thing. All ages, all fun, a great community event!
Here’s a web site for the weekend Heritage Days events: http://remus.org/news/remus-heritage-days-2014
Click on “Sunday” for all the cool events that are happening before and after our dance.
road trip over the Mackinac bridge...
Mackinac Island’s Music in the Park
Marquette Park
Thursday, July 24th
We’ll be playing old country blues and bluegrass, old timey, and original tunes that sound like they came from your great grand folks radio.
The official word from our client:
With a spectacular backdrop, the Mackinac Island's Music in the Park summer concert series takes place on the lawn of a National Historic Landmark, Marquette Park, at the foothills of Historic Fort Mackinac downtown across from the marina.
For more info:
yeah! more dancing...
the Grand River Folk Art Society proudly presents:
The 4th Friday of the Month Contra Dance
Friday, July 25th on a Waxing Crescent Moon
*hosted at the historic*
St. Adalbertus Casino and Aid Society
otherwise known as the 5th St. Hall
West Side, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
on the corner of 5th and Davis St.
$9 General, $7 Folk/Dance Societies Members $20 Family
$5  Student, $1 First Time Friend
Lapsitters hugged, fussed over, and welcomed free
No smoking, no drinking please
Up the stairs

I'll have some members, and alumni, of Hawks and Owls string band there as a core band, and anyone of  any level of expertise with a string band related instrument that wants to sit in is welcome. There will be tune chord handouts available for the fiddle tunes we'll play, and any questions answered. For those melody players wanting to learn some new tunes, bring that small recorder and take 'em home.
To get there:
131 north to the Leonard St. exit, turn left/West onto Leonard St. to Alpine Ave. Left/South on Alpine to 5th St. Left/East on 5th St. to Davis and the Hall is on the corner.
Bridge St. West to Stocking, right on Stocking to 5th St., right on 5th to Davis and the 5th St. Hall. or look at the map:

from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan...
Holland Museum Concert Series
Centennial Park
250 Central Ave., Holland MI
Saturday, July 26th
We are honored to be the first ever band to play for this brand new music series. Bring your blanket, lawn chair, picnic basket, kids, and the old folks. Always a family friendly show!
hey yay!! Nobody’s Darlin’!  An all girl string band...
One Trick Pony
Nobody's Darlin'
CD Release Party
Satan’s Purse
136 E. Fulton, Grand Rapids, MI
Friday July 18th
2/3rds of Hawks and Owls string band members also play in Nobody’s Darlin’, and it sure ain’t me. Bec and Barb will be joining their bandgals, Sara, Janet, and Natalie for a night of songs from their latest release, as well as new and old selections. Come on out for some great food, and excellent tap selection, friends, and music.
 Are you interested in excellent condition Vintage clothing, and at a great price?
Check out Micah Ling's Etsy store, Featherbone Vintage! She's got all sorts of cool items for sale.
Shoes and shirts, dresses and skirts!
Look for her new debut CD, in the mastering process currently, to be released this Fall.
If you are interested in quality Art, Tattoo Design, Tshirt design and production, etc. contact Taylor Ling.
Here are a few samples from his extensive portfolio. Website soon to be launched!

Taylor designed the logo that is currently being used by Grand Rapids Christian High School:  

A logo he drew for his company, currently in development stages:

Graphic Art:

Illustrator Creations:







So, you made it this far. I hope this note has been informative and entertaining.


Bruce Ling

Hawks and Owls string band

the acoustic evolution of rural American music

show schedule: http://www.hawksandowls.com/Performances.htm
social media: https://www.facebook.com/riverfiddler
email sign-up: http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/brucelinghawksandowls

RiverView Electric Co.
fully licensed and insured



"I have been receiving tons of compliments concerning the entertainment. As musicians and volunteers, you added so much for the participants of the race. I am thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such talented performers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Jaime Sheppard, event coordinator, 10th Annual Komen Race for the Cure

"Bruce hails from the Grand Rapids area and is an all around musical genius. He plays mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and sings as a great bass vocalist. Join him in his Flat Picking Guitar workshop. He is one of the best around. "  Glynn Russell, Wheatland Music Festival

"We really enjoyed the performance and hope to continue working with you in the future! "  Teresa Cramer, Mixed Greens, Program Coordinator

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