Hawks and Owls string band
Folk / Old Time Fiddle Music / Appalachian, Bluegrass, Country Blues
Members: Bruce Ling vocals,fiddle,mandolin,flatpicked guitar,slide guitar; Becca Ling vocals,rhythm guitar


Hi Folks,

My first word to you is be wary, and handle not the gentle caterpillar.
This is how it all played out...

A couple of years ago I arrived at the performer’s camping area to my camper, at the Fall Wheatland Music Festival. As we were booked there, we were able to arrive the day before the festival, and had set up our camper earlier.

The area was full of friends catching up, having spent the summer sharing stages at various festivals across the state.

I had just finished raising and securing the canopy on my camper when a dear friend, Brenda who’s last name I’ll not tell, showed up to greet me and have a sit down chat. She was carrying a stick with a caterpillar on it, a beautiful whitish yellow caterpillar with fancy black hairs interspersed on it’s segments.

As we talked, I took the stick and the caterpillar, and allowed it to crawl off onto my hand.

And from there it crawled to my other hand, up my arm, back down again, and made the rounds from arm to arm.

I woke up around 3am with a terrible scratchy feeling on my left chest, and when I scratched, the bumps turned to liquid. Into the bathroom I went like a shot, turned the light on, and saw my chest looking like raw ground beef.

I spent the weekend in and out of the shower up at the cabin, under cold water. I thought I had Shingles, as the area looked rather scaly and ached deeply. I had contractual performance obligations at the festival, and so toughed it out. Monday finally arrived, and we had to bring the camper up to Lake City for the Harvest Gathering festival, drop it off, and head back in Becca’s car to the appointment that I had made with our family doctor in Grand Rapids.

He had his young intern examine me, and she quickly pointed out why my chest and shoulder couldn't be Shingles. My Doc asked me what I had gotten into, was I playing in the woods, had I handled something new?

And then I remembered the caterpillar. And I remembered touching it’s black hairs in wonder, with my right index finger. And I remembered reaching under my Tshirt to scratch a bug bite on my left chest with my right hand fingers. Good thing I hadn’t rubbed my eye, or...

Becca, right then, pulled out her iPhone and started looking at images of Michigan caterpillars. There it is I said to my Doc, as she scrolled down.

Dagger Moth Caterpillar!

I was cleaning out some saved bookmarks today, and came across this link: http://bugguide.net/node/view/505#web_references

Never accept a caterpillar from a pretty girl!

helping out, giving back...

Tim McKay Benefit
Rockford Brewing Company
12 E Bridge St.
Rockford, MI
Friday, Jan. 24

the Lineup
7-7:30 Brothers Still
7:45-8:30 Hawks and Owls string band
8:45-9:30 Romano Paoletti and friends
10-10:45 Troll for Trout
11-11:45 The Crane Wives

Tim had the misfortune to seriously injure his right hand in an equipment accident. As he makes his living as a Cobbler and owner of Ferdinand’s Footwear, and as a bass player, he’s not able to work.
Please come out and help support a truly great friend.  
seem like they were babies just a moment ago...

Micah Ling’s Kickstarter

Micah Ling, Earthwork Music artist, alumni of Hawks and Owls string band and various school orchestras, Strawberry Heritage band member, go-to studio cellist/vocalist, and who is featured as a guest performer on many recordings across the state of Michigan is gearing up to release her own CD. She has gathered some of the best musicians in the state of Michigan, as well as award winning traditional dancers Nik Gareiss and Becky Hill for feet percussion (just like the old days), to contribute to this full length recording.


Micah Ling- cello, lead vocals, banjo
Chris Bathgate- piano, auxiliary percussion
Samantha Cooper- fiddle
Laurel Premo- fiddle
Michael Beauchamp- guitar
Becky Hill- feet
Eli Strauss- banjo
Michael Erlewine- mandolin
Nic Gareiss- feet, bouzouki
Tyler Duncan- flute, boudhran
and all sing!

Produced by Chris Bathgate, Micah Ling, and John Hanson
Recorded at the Heart Center Studio in Big Rapids, MI

This CD will be recorded in Big Rapids at Michael Erlewine Sr’s. world class recording studio. Plans are unfolding, traditional American and British Isles tunes and songs have been chosen and thoroughly arranged and rehearsed, all the musicians and dancers know their parts, all that is needed is the funding. Please give what you can.

Click the link above please, for a great video shot and edited by her partner Michael Erlewine Jr., interviews with a couple of the players, some fine flat-foot dancing, a haunting waltz and an Irish tune with feet flying, and some very creative Pledge incentive writing.

from Micah’s bio:
Micah Ling is a cellist, vocalist, and aspiring banjo player living in Michigan. She is a member of the Earthwork Music Collective and organizer for the Two-Story Square Dance in Lansing, Michigan.
Beyond her musical pursuits, Micah works as an Historical/Cultural Collections Specialist and Fieldworker for the Michigan State University Museum. She holds degrees in Art History and Arts and Humanities from Michigan State University, as well as a Museum Studies Certificate.
She also runs an Etsy shop called Featherbone Vintage, named for the Warren Featherbone Corset Company of the 19th century. She loves thrifting, antiquing, and all things old.


at the capital...

Lake Effect
Mid-Winter Singing Festival
East Lansing, MI
Sat, Feb. 1, 2014
at the
East Lansing Hannah Community Center
819 Abbot Rd.
Children’s Concert

Lake Effect features (when we can all get together at the same time) Tiyi Schippers, Dave Bunce, Rachael Davis, Dominic Davis, Virgil Davis, Layla Bunce, Zak Bunce, Ezra Bunce, Barry Lemke, and myself. It’s highly doubtful that the whole cast of characters will be in attendance, but for sure Tiyi with puppet Root Bear, songs and stories, Bunce, and I will be. Fun for the whole family!
Remember, you’re in Michigan, the weather is cold, and the last thing you want to do is to freeze your lungs. Uncle Chappy could always tell an out-of-stater, who he called “mouth breathers”. Those are the folks that always froze their lungs and got sick. Breath through your nose, warm that cold air up before it hits your tender insides!

Thank you,
Bruce Ling

Hawks and Owls string band

the acoustic evolution of rural American music

show schedule: http://www.hawksandowls.com/Performances.htm
social media: https://www.facebook.com/riverfiddler
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"I have been receiving tons of compliments concerning the entertainment. As musicians and volunteers, you added so much for the participants of the race. I am thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such talented performers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Jaime Sheppard, event coordinator, 10th Annual Komen Race for the Cure

"Bruce hails from the Grand Rapids area and is an all around musical genius. He plays mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and sings as a great bass vocalist. Join him in his Flat Picking Guitar workshop. He is one of the best around. "  Glynn Russell, Wheatland Music Festival

"We really enjoyed the performance and hope to continue working with you in the future! "  Teresa Cramer, Mixed Greens, Program Coordinator

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