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 Hey !


I pray this letter finds you well! It has been too long since last we spoke. Remember I said that I had big news to tell you? Well, unfortunately, the news that was going to follow is still pending due to legal agreements. :) but that should be a good sign, right!


But because I can't give you that news today doesn't mean the positive isn't still flowing. I have a brand new website, and honestly, you are among the first friends to hear about it (it's creation was completed THIS MONDAY'S MORNING)


On it you can find show details, photos, music, blogs, video's, and anything else an artist could dream of on a website!


Also, I made an app for android phones. Yes, you heard me accurately, A MOBILE APP for android phones. You can find it on my reverbnation page here:                       I am very excited about this app! 


And lastly, as you may know, I had a video shoot with with Pianist Matt Jones, who just got engaged!!! (Please congratulate him in the comments of the video)! He is a dynamic musician, and I am humbled and honored to perform with him! Not only on this video, but on future projects as well! ;)               HERE'S THE VIDEO: LINK TO YOUTUBE


If you know me, you know how much I enjoy riding rollercoasters! Well let me tell you, this journey in the music world is nothing short of an extreme coaster, and I am loving it! so Thank You!


Thank you Thank you Thank you! For your continued support through all these years! God willing, there will be many more to come!


Love Life Music,



"During the wedding, a professional singer from Philadelphia, had Blown Our Minds with his operatic rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s half of Celine Dion’s “The Prayer.”  — Andrew Leonard, No, Smartphones Are Not Desroying The Culture
"Feed your spirit with the emerging talent of Derek Anthony"  — St. Martins Church, Radnor, The Cloak

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