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Dear All


A lot has happened and there is still more to come.  Started school back, hopefully for the last semester and hoping to end it with a bang.  I am doing a course in HIST 499 (Senior seminar) on the Third Reich and the Holocaust in Germany.  My research topic will be something on the Luftwaffe.  The highest course and the hardest course of the history undergraduate curriculum.  After this I am good.  Another class I am doing is the History of the American Presidency.  Interesting.  The other courses are filler except for one course called UNIV 400 which will help me find a job.  Another course that is a sidenote is ENGH 388 which will help with organizing long papers and professional writing.



On other notes, I have lost my #1 rating in Great Falls, but I am gaining it back little by little.  A little help couldn't hurt.  I am doing my job here.  I have caught up with my emails.


A lot of homework but hopefully I can also begin a band but only if the person that I think will join WILL join.   I hope so. 




Graduating this semester. 







John Spalding (the history major and composer)


"I liked your music John, an impressive set!"  Michael David Sherwood, To Celloman

"Interesting Day is the best! Keep up the good work!"  Enuma Elish, To Celloman

"Good luck with your classical training you will be getting with the pursuit of your degree. I am sure your compositions will bloom as a result."  Jane Silence, To Celloman


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