Jennifer Newberry

 Hi ,


Hope you're having a good week so far I just wanted to make sure that I let you know what shows I have this week.

If you have nothing going on you should stop by at one of my performances:-)



Thursday December 6th:

Salty's On Alki Beach from 7-9PM



1936 Harbor Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98126

Free Parking! [MAP IT]





Friday December 7th & 8th:

Red Wind Casino @ 8.30PM - 12.00AM



12819 Yelm Hwy SE

Olympia, WA [MAP IT]






Hope to see you there!






Wed Apr 30 14 Los Angeles, CA Seventy7 North  
Wed May 14 14 Los Angeles, CA Seventy7 North  
Wed Jun 11 14 Los Angeles, CA Seventy7 North  
"The CD Is pretty terrific! I play all genres of covers with my band, and I feel like your CD has a similar feel....some tracks are rockin, some are acoustic n chill, others are poppy, some are funky, some are soulful.....others are danceable....then, another is a piano ballad.....weaving thru all types of music! Excellent work! I really really enjoyed it! Thank you! I am a fan fo sho!!!"  — James Park, Facebook
"Inspirational singer. I stumbled across Jennifer Newberry on YouTube and her soothing voice just took me away. She sing about real issues in life. Jennifer Newberry is a artist you MUST check out... Get her songs TODAY!!!"  — Ms. Lafay, CdBaby
"Inspiration from the Rain" - This album is a MUST HAVE! I have listen to the whole thing and did want to skip one my book thats a GREAT album. When she sings if feels like you are right there and you feel the happiness or pain. REAL MUSIC IS WHAT THEY USE TO CALL IT! I really hope she starts to tour soon I need to see her live! If you love good music then get this album!  — Shayon Grider, iTunes
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