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 There are three days left on my campaign.  If you've already pledged at www.pledgemusic.com, you'll receive your download as soon as the campaign is over.  If you haven't pledged yet, please take a second and go to www.pledgemusic.com/projects/leticiawolf and choose an exclusive to pledge on!  

I can't thank you enough for your support and patience during this process.  It's been incredibly meaningful to me and I hope the record is meaningful to you!

Yesterday I got my hands on a beautiful marbled vinyl test pressing of my record and it sounds so beautiful.  I can't wait to share it with you!  United Record Pressing is giving away 50 of these test pressings to the first 50 people that pledge over $50.  There are still 12 left, so if you are interested in that, choose a pledge of $50 or more.

See you all at the private pledgers party in June!






"On Thursday night, our dear friends at Rhythm & Brews will have the beautiful Leticia Wolf along with some of her Nashville neighbors sharing their souls for us. If you are new to the area (your only excuse to not know about Leticia,) she is one of the most celebrated Chattanooga female voices. She has been living in Nashville for some time now, so it is an especially personal experience to have her back. It seems that when she is between our bridges, a certain sense of freedom comes out, and you are sure to feel the energy and grace she exudes. Combining influences as far across the board as Nirvana to The Beatles, her sound comes from a deep place and Thursday, she will let you in."  Tara Villand, The Pulse Weekly Alternative

"For singer-songwriters in this town, it’s hard to make a mark. The glut of first name/last names illuminated on the city’s marquees has stigmatized the idiom to such a degree that the story of making a name for oneself in Nashville is one of escaping the Bluebird-ified pigeonhole. When considering the amount of talent it takes to accomplish such a feat, that isn’t such a bad thing. Take for example local chanteuse Leticia Wolf. Fans of artists ranging from Mary Lou Lord to Feist would do themselves a favor by giving her newest offering The Fire and the Flood a listen. The record addresses the concerns of a quarter-life crisis with a tone that shifts from dramatically dire to warm and resolute, reflected sonically by dense but tasteful arrangements featuring a healthy dose of lush strings and wet organ sounds. They’re driving when they need to be, yet laid back and understated enough as to never distract from the soulful smoky singing voice that is easily Wolf’s greatest asset"  Adam Gold, Nashville Scene

"Leticia's music is always changing and evolving, but the sexually charged themes of death, dispair, whiskey and unpreventable heartbreak are always presented with a knowing wink and an evil smile. Her music is not angry ... it’s just a little dark."  BMM, The Black Mountain Music Scene


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