"BZ ft. Interlude - That's how it goes (Prod. Remi Desroques) - Dec '12"
Remi D







BZ Feat. Interlude - That's how it goes



Vocal: BZ & Interlude

Guitar: Yuji Kasai

Beat: Remi Desroques

Produced, composed, recorded and mixed by Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions:

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BZ's page: www.youtube.com/seethroughshit


Interlude's Page: www.youtube.com/Interlude7777


Dear Monthly Tune fans,


This is the last month!! BZ from South Africa is back with a guest singer from the UK named Interlude. This track mixes hiphop and electronic music. It also has a touch of blues with a nice guitar done by the awesome Yuji Kasai and an upright bass. Quite a mix if you ask me! Enjoy!

TMT is passing its 4th years and I have to tell you that it has been quite an adventure filled with laugh and also lots of crying. I can't tell how much I want to succeed and how insanely hard I work. Heck, just writing this email brings tears to my eyes. Just the thought of my children seeing me work that hard and not seeing that it pays off is something too hard to think of. I won the beatstars contest which brought a lot of joy but at the same time more pain as it was a reminder that I can definitely do this full time! I was selected within 3500 other Producer in the world! ( www.youtube.com/playlist )

Sure this Monthly Tune is helping me reach my goal/dream but it has also helped numerous artists to get their name out there as well a brand new free produced song for their own catalog. I don't have to tell you how many hours I have worked on these songs and how many times I went to work with just 2 or 3 hours of sleep ;-). SO it is the time for me to ask you for some help.

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Thank you,

Remi Desroques

Producer / Composer / Engineer




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