Perpetual Motion

Denver, CO
Jazz / Acoustic / world
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 Many thanks to all of you who came to our show at Swallow Hill last Saturday night! It was an amazing time!


Classes start next week at Swallow Hill. I will be continuing Blues Fiddle, because it's just so much fun. We'll be looking at the blues in Rock and Roll and playing some classics like Wipeout. I show different licks, and use them to improvise a solo.  My Blues Fiddle class at Swallow Hill this session was absolutely amazing! Now's your chance to join in, classes start next Tuesday.  


If you don't think you're quite ready for Blues Fiddle, you can work on your skills with Fiddle 3, where we'll work on learning all the keys and some syncopated rhythms, or Fiddle 4 where we'll be doing double stops and faster notes. Or learn vibrato and shifting in Fiddle 4 and beyond.


Just click this link to sign up for classes. There's also a plethora of other things, from Ukelele to Tin Whistle. 


Happy fiddling!

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