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NEWS : September, 13 - 2012




Thank You, to support my Quest on ReverbNation.




- I have made a video for the Original Version of "Dioxine", so, if you want to watch it, it's here : youtu.be/ciHQmiovgfQ

- Free D/L at RN : "Dioxine" (Shortcut) : www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14489444

- An Ambient track in Free D/L : "Escape From Altair" : www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14448131


- New track to listen : "Secret Dimension" : http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14398273


- The votes for the Mike OLDFIELD "Tubular Bells" Contest are closed, but you can always listen to my remix :



   And this is another Remix : www.indabamusic.com/asset/show/1847147


Thank You very much to All Those who voted for me ! :*)



- Free Download of "L'Animale", a song by the French band "Rafale", and a TL Remix "Clin d'oeil" to Mister MORODER ;) : www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14250933


- The invasion has begun ! "The Undead Spy Cookie From Outer Space" is here !!! :




- The Teaser of the next track is in free download... The mysteries of the Talionic skies... Prepare yourself to the next generation of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligencies ! :  "Earth Was A Cool Place, But Suddenly...".


- "Flowers For Algernon" (Edit) in Free Download ! Have a nice summer everyone ! ;)

- "Erik En Satin", in Free Download.


- Summer is here ! New Track "Flowers For Algernon" (Original Version).


- New Track "Look At The World".

- Associated Video for "Look At The World" on YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch

- "Fields Of Hope" (With Text By Maud GADEYNE) Video on YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch

- "Some Faces Of Love V.2" Video : A 28 Minutes Megamix of cool tracks by TL : www.youtube.com/watch


- New Track : "Drum N Baffe" (Thanks to all my giraffes-models for the visual of the track !).


- New Track: "You're My Butterfly" (Edited).


- Found a video on YouTube of a TL Mix for !Distain "Monokultur" : www.youtube.com/watch (Some other TL Mixes for !Distain or Dual Density are on YT).


- New Track to listen : "The Mole".

- New Free Download : "Some Faces Of Love V2" A 28 Minutes Excerpts of cool TL Tracks.

- New video added on YouTube : "To Meet Mephisto" www.youtube.com/watch

- "You And Me Are We".

- "On Your Lips" (Long Version) to listen.


- Free Download for "Kiss Me".

- Exclusive Fan Download : "Night Thoughts" (Edit Version).

- New Track "Mon Chien Sur La Lune" Exclusive RN Fan Download.

- "Badoo", exclusive RN Fan Download.

- "The Dream Of Icare", Exclusive Fan Download.


- "Arkham Tragedy" (Original 18 Minutes Version) Exclusive Fan Download.


- MIA.-"Mausen" (The Talion Law 17 Minutes Monster Mix) Exclusive Fan Download.

- Long Version of "Night Thoughts" to listen.


- ... And "Kiss Me", a new track, featuring some of my "Kisses" Friends, to listen.


- Röyksopp "Tricky Tricky" (The Talion Law Four Horsemen Mixes) to download : www.datafilehost.com/download-b0a1bd99.html


- The Kills "U.R.A Fever" and "Cheap And Cheerful" Talion Law Mixes, to download : www.datafilehost.com/download-debd9106.html


 - New video added on YouTube : "Dioxine" (Fukushimix) : www.youtube.com/watch


- Free MP3 of the "Fukushimix" to download : www.reverbnation.com/play_now/10976864


- New track on video "Night Thoughts" (Edit) : www.youtube.com/watch

- A video for "The Dream Of Icare" : www.youtube.com/watch


- New track : "Supernasebrock" (Sung by your Talion ;))

- New Track : "The Dream Of Icare"

- "Leviathan" (Remix) video on YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch


- New track added "I Love Propragranda".


- "Vestiges De L'Amour" video added on YouTube : www.youtube.com/watch

And this is the FREE Download link on ReverbNation : http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_4516464


Other Download in MP3 320 Kbps is available on http://www.talionlaw.com


- "Ata/Kinetik" was one of the Free Download track from the end of the year 2010 (3 hours of Free TL Music has a gift, not available in the TL RN Page, only for the Newsletter subscribers). Now, this track is on listening.


- FREE DOWNLOAD : "Morons". Talion Law against Stupidity (Part 2). Created under deafness ;)


- New track to listen on RN : "Strange Encounter" ;)


- 2 New TL Remixes for the German Band !Distain, from the track "Why" :


     - www.poponaut.de/various-artists-gothic-compilation-p-9220.html (CD2, track 01, great double Electro-Gothic Compilation for a mid price !).

     - itunes.apple.com/fr/album/why-the-talion-law-perhaps-mix/id440113716 (Digital release on iTunes, Amazon...).

     - !Distain on ReverbNation : www.reverbnation.com/distain2069 ;) and on MySpace, Facebook...



- FREE Download for the RN Fans, "Poème Pour Mahée" in Ambient Mix Version ;)


- "Centuries" in FREE Download.



- New Mix of "You Run In Me" (Heart Of Flower Mix) to listen.


- Free Download : "Strange Encounter" (Teaser).


- Added new video : "O'wan Mix-Age Beta" (Music by Talion Law) : www.youtube.com/watch

- Added new video "Battle Of Dead Faces" : www.youtube.com/watch

- Added new video www.talionlaw.com :www.youtube.com/watch


- A new song added (Yes, a SONG, sung by me), in French, (En Français !) : "Toi J'T'Adore" :)))


- Under Deafness and Tinnitus, this is a new track on Video, named "Centuries", with beautiful Words (In French) by Maud GADEYNE : www.youtube.com/v/jzF3FrCyPEo


- (April, 19 - 2011) : My Dear Fans, I would like to present all my apologies for the long time with no new material to listen to. I have big problems of deafness and tinnitus since a few weeks, and it is impossible for me now, to give you something correct and quality Music. I hope it's going to be better the next days. Thank you very much for your understanding, your help and your support. - Jean AKA Talion Law -


- 12 TLIG INST O.R. 01 : This is number 1 in "In-Gratitude" Series, featuring an Instrumental Version of a Track originally ordered for a Remix. Now on FREE Download.


- "THIAS" in Free Download.


- "Tenebrae" (Edit Version) in FREE Download on RN : play_now/song_6778872

(The Original Long Version is available on MySpace www.myspace.com/talionlaw  More than 15 minutes of TL Fear).


New Year and Xmas 2010 Special FREE Exclusive Downloads are finished. Thanks to all those who downloaded my work, and for your great and positive feedbacks :


- Talion Law "Some Faces Of Love V2"

- Talion Law "Sophie Stikate Lady"

- Talion Law "Ata/Kinetik"

- Talion Law "THIAS"

- Talion Law "The Warning" (Le Peti' Oiseau Va Sortir)

- Talion Law "Arkham Tragedy" (Original Long Version)

- Talion Law "To Meet Mephisto"

- Talion Law "HARDCUTS II - The Talion Law Megamix Part 2"

- Cassius "Eye Water" (The Talion Law Utopic Mix)

- The Kills "Cheap And Cheerful" (The Talion Law Mix)

- The Kills "U.R.A. Fever" (The Talion Law Mix)

- De/Vision "Life Is Suffering" (The Talion Law Broken Hope Mix)

- De/Vision "Life Is Suffering" (The Talion Law Pain Killer Mix)

- Cassius "Rock Number 1" (The Talion Law Extented Remix)

- Röyksopp "Tricky Tricky" (The Talion Law Four Horsemen Mixes)

- MIA. "Mausen" (The Talion Law 17 Minutes Monster Mix) :




FREE Download Track : "Maschinen" (Teaser). Full track available by request here, on Facebook, MySpace, or via the Talion Law website www.talionlaw.com


FREE Download Track : "Be My Dream" (Edited) only for 24 hours.


FREE Download Track : "Poème Pour Mahée". Certaines batailles valent la peine d'être livrées. Merci à Lou :*)


- Update of the (Humble) Website of Talion Law : www.talionlaw.com with some new FREE DOWNLOADS : The first TL Remix of "Tricky Tricky" by Röyksopp - The Crown And The Bow, the "Night Memories" TL Remix of "Kapitän" from MIA. in MP3 320 Kbps, "Pieces Of Heart" in .WAV format, and the "Phone Mobile Remix of "Prends Ma Main" in .M4R (iPhone), .WAV and MP3 format. Some broken links been repaired.


- "Let Me Cry" in FREE Download.


- Teaser in FREE Download : "Let Me Cry". This track because... "Love or Friendship. If you don't want it, let me go".



- "Back To Outer Space" in FREE Download on ReverbNation.



- "On Your Lips" (Edit Version) in listening on ReverbNation.



- "On Your Lips" (Extended Version) on MySpace : www.myspace.com/talionlaw (Thanks for those who sent me some great feedbacks ;)).



- "On Your Lips" (Teaser) in Free Download on ReverbNation.





- FREE DOWNLOAD : MIA. "Kapitaen" (The Talion Law Night Memories Remix) on ReverbNation.


- The first Mix (The Talion Law Tango In Uniform Mix) is available for everyone in MP3 320 Kbps and in FREE DOWNLOAD on the TL Website : http://www.talionlaw.com/


- FREE DOWNLOAD : MIA. "Kapitaen" (The Talion Law Tango In Uniform Mix) on ReverbNation.


- FREE DOWNLOAD : MIA.-"Mausen" (The Talion Law's Mouse Don't Smoke Mix) in MP3 320 Kbps in the TL Website www.talionlaw.com


- FREE DOWNLOAD : "Leviathan" (Remix).


- FREE DOWNLOAD From the German band MIA., the track "Mausen" Remixed by TALION LAW (The Talion Law's Mouse Don't Smoke Mix). - Danke to them :) P. S. : It exist another Remix of this track, but unfortunately, I can't put it in ReverbNation player, the track is 17 minutes long. Maybe in the TL Website in the next months.


 - FREE DOWNLOAD : "Vestiges De L'Amour".


- Just a little FREE DOWNLOAD Track named "Prends Ma Main" (Sung in French) ;)


- The 4th part of the TL "Four Horsemen Remixes" of "Tricky Tricky" by Röyksopp in my MySpace "Remixed" page : www.myspace.com/remixedbytalionlaw


- New Dual Density album : "Soul Ecstasy", with à Talion Law Remix of the song "Play With Me" in Bonus Track on the CD : www.blackvector.se/dual-density-soul-ecstasy-cd-conzoom/


- Just a little FREE DOWNLOAD Track named "Pieces Of Heart".


- "Leviathan" (Remix) to listen to.


- "High Heels" in listening, The Original "High Heels" track is in the MySpace player, here : www.myspace.com/talionlaw


- A Fan-Made clip of "High Heels", made by Fran, who has already made the clip of "Be My Dream" (Thank You my Dear Fanette :*)) in the RN page. The Youtube's link : www.youtube.com/watch


- "Leviathan" in EDIT Version is online.


- Update of the Talion's Website (In French, sorry) : www.talionlaw.com


- Very cool review about the last Talion Law Remix for Parralox song "Be Careful", here : pansentient.com/2010/03/parralox-isnt-it-strange-new-cd-and-download/comment-page-1/#comment-1191


- Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" (The Talion Law Is A Lost Spirit Mix) in FREE Download. Thanks to the Telepop for their agreement.


- Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" (The Talion Law Is A Cool Spirit EDIT), in FREE Download.

- New Datafilehost links to download "HARDCUTS - The Talion Law Megamix" wich contains 27 excerpts of TL original tracks, with a duration of 30 minutes and "Happy New Year (V2)" (The old links were dead), in the Talion's Website.


- A Special Mix of "Be My Dream" : The RN Fan Edition Mix, in Download.


- A clip, made by a Fan of TL, (Thanks to Fran), from the Special Mix of "Be My Dream on Youtube : www.youtube.com/watch


- New "Edited" Version of "Be My Dream" in the Reverbnation player.


- "Be My Dream" Original Version : www.myspace.com/talionlaw


- New version of "Dioxine" (CD Remastered Mix).


- FREE track to download : "Happy New Year (V2)" in my ReverbNation player and the TL Website.


- 5th Remix of TL for Parralox, in the "Isn't It Strange" CD EP at Conzoom Records : www.conzoomrecords.de/index.php






- A lot of widgets (Players and banners) are availables on my MySpace pages, in the "Blog" section. You can put these widgets ("SHARE" button) on your website, webboard, blog, MySpace pages, etc, to support the work of TALION LAW. Thank you very much :


www.myspace.com/talionlaw (The Original Tracks of Talion Law).

www.myspace.com/remixedbytalionlaw (The Remixes from Acapella).


- You can also find TALION LAW on Facebook, Soundclick and Soundcloud.


The TALION LAW album is finished, and mastered by a great and famous man of the Electronic scene. But I prefer to keep secret this man until I found a serious label.


If you believe you can help me in my quest,  do not hesitate : contact@talionlaw.com


2 years ago, I have met a very "Important" person in Lyon, to try to promote the work of TALION LAW. He told me to stop Composing, because "Your Music will never interest anyone". And "It is better for you to hang yoursel". 


Now, TALION LAW is number 1 in the Local Chart in Lyon (France).


Thanks for those who supports TL in his work ! :*)


The work of TALION LAW exist since 1987.



Thanks to pay attention to this message.


All the best for you, and thank you to support TALION LAW and his work  !




- Jean -



"Your Music has an individual character. I am very impressed of your first CD, which is a powerful production".  Edgar FROESE, Creator of Tangerine Dream., Message from Edgar FROESE, Creator of Tangerine Dream.

"Une musique qui résume avec une élégance peu commune l'évolution des expériences musicales électroniques des 20 dernières années dans les genres les plus variés. Compositions imprégnées des aventuriers les plus inspirés de la création sonore électronique. - Lightwave - "  Lightwave, Lightwave

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