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Winston Salem, NC
Rock / Hard Rock / Funk
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Lately, due to either a lack of the ability to write better lyrics, or the fact I have a sick sense of humor and like being silly, I've been resorting to the practice of digging up old songs from the past... songs that perhaps should have been left to die, and using the absurd and inane lyrics therefrom (in my new songs). I would like to know your honest opinion. Should I steer clear of this odious, offensive nonsense and try to write some more meanigful, deeper lyrics, or do you, my most sincerely cherished fans, dig this silliness? Because if you guys like the silliness, I can sure keep it coming. Besides, I would probably offend more people if I tried to write serious music anyway. So... let me just thank everyone again for checking out the tunes and especially you awesome people who liked my page or became my fan. May the rest of your days be happy and profitable!





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