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As we have recently went into the recording studio at a surround sound facility, and we are actively working on an amazing new SPACECRAFT surround project in 7.1 Blu-Ray.  We decided to create a FaceBook band page for SPACECRAFT. Please join up as we will have many musical and video items there for your listening/viewing pleasure. Also a good way to keep up with what we are doing.


Here is the link to the new page at FaceBook -


I have also posted some new music, pictures and such on the ReverbNation page.


Thanks for the support and enjoy.


Tony Gerber (Founding Member of SPACECRAFT)

SPACECRAFT New FaceBook Band Page and Studio Work


"this amazing 55-minute, single-track piece sounds sparkling and positively beautiful, joining multi-cultural ethnic tones and drones with gently drifting guitars, flutes, and electronic effects. The haunting live instruments harken back to classic Kraut/space rock like Popol Vuh or Kluster, while the production and electronic soundscapes should prove to be quite pleasing to fans of master soundscapers like Steve Roach or Robert Rich. Summer Town is simply an engrossingly gorgeous work that works well in any setting, from background to deep listening. Take that as a recommendation."  Godsend, Godsend Online

"Pursuing the course laid down by the pioneering music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Jean Michel Jarre, Spacecraft is making significant contributions to the Spacemusic genre. Recalling 1970's styles but adding their own contemporary inspiration, Spacecraft offers sounds and forms that "shift and morph through each other, gradually revealing broad chordal structures, gentle pulses, and the interlocking patterns that have long been the hallmark of space music.""  John Diliberto, Billboard Magazine

"Tony Gerber's synthesizers and superior production work combine with Chris Blazen's Electric Koto and the synthesizers of John Rose and Diane Timmons to make a seamless whole that is greater than the parts. The artists weave their electronic sounds like master loom workers, spinning a tapestry of sound that is wonderful to behold. THere is a lot to take in, and a lot to appreciate."  Mike Borger,


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