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 hello fans ..just wanted to thank you all that completed the Missions..and thank you for showing your love!..and there will be more Missions up next week...enough about that ..check this out about to get some pictures taken today for the media companys tha will be selling my songs ...and getting the radio stations my music for air-play ..I hope y'all ready when my

album drops it will be on ...and not just me fans 50 of you or more will get free tickets on to were and when I do a show in your hood! who would have ever thought this would not happen ..ha ha ha ..got alot of great things happen also I have some artist who's album are also about to drop ..and guess who is on all there artist albums ...ya boy K-wone and you know this ....gotta jet making moves ...so until next time .....keep ya all posted!   DOGWOOD 4 LIFE!




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"K-Wone: Rising Music artist Born and raised in Anna, Texas Michael E had trials, tribulations and hardships early in his life. No matter what the odds were he'd stop at nothing, indited by the streets. He was introduced to hip-hop at a young age and from there he knew what he wanted to do, he knew what path he wanted to take. He could take anyone in a rap battle. Word on the street is that he is the king in rap battles. As his popularity grew though, so did his troubles. He was accused of crimes by other people but was later proven innocent. king has been placed in a league of his own. After that he took on the name K-Wone meaning he was the the 1st king in his domain. He sold his 1st album in 2009 in the streets. now with them now behind him 100% he is ready to elevate things to the next level and make himself known to other people around the world. He has good songs like "My Life", "Mary Jane", "Run Baby Boy" & more. You can check out his material on the sites below. "  @RC_18, K-WONE

"2012 was a good and bad year for K-wone. the good is that sales picked up and the bad was the lost of his mother. which made him step out of the game for now! Now Back from vacation! With a mind set like no other K-wone is back once again. 2013 is his year! He now lives in the studio 24/7 and working on his summer mixtape and the release of his hit single (( Iam Ma Get The Doe)) to drop spring break of 2013. just know this whatever you do dont tell him he cant cause he will prove you wrong!"  M.W.E. Enterprises, I'am Back! K-WONE

"Just in K-wone done another private show in Dallas Texas ..and it was own this artist does have some skills on the mic ..he did a song ont the spot that made the crowed get wild...alonge sone with his other songs ..The song is called let me have it check it out a.s.a.p. it hits the internet today..and is already making headlines ...oh and he did this song on the spot before he started his show just 10 min he wrote this and performed it a minute later says something that he got mad talent..We talked to him and he said there is more to come from me this summer and you can bank on that ..Wow this guy is amazing! download his new song now and tell all your friends about him ..Oh one more thing this song is free to the public so come and get it now and be the first to have this hot new song called Let me have it!"  M.W.E.D.W.P., K-WONE


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