Matthew Zeltzer

Ojai, CA
Folk / indie / americana
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Hey friends,

I am excited to announce that I will be embarking on a solo tour starting September 12th. I have spent the past few months working on a farm in northern California, getting back to my roots, going to be really early (talk about culture shock!), and writing a new batch of songs that I think you will really like. When I first started making music, my goal was to be very grassroots- to make music that was somewhat lo-fi and organic, to write songs that were honest, and to try my best to involve my fanbase via direct communication. Towards the end of 2012, the whirlwind of constant gigging for years finally caught up with me, and I realized that I was losing sight of some of these goals. In March, I quit playing 3 hour bar gigs, took 6 months off of gigging for a living, and well, here I am.  I hope that you and a friend can make it out to a show on this tour, I am really excited to play some new tunes for you! 

You can find my tour schedule at ... fear not, a few more dates will be announced once they are finalized. As always, I am always looking for house concert hosts, so if you see a day with no show listed, or an early show, please contact me directly if you or a friend are interested in hosting a house concert.

See you on the road!



"Matthew Zeltzer is a 25-year old singer/songwriter, but don’t tell him that. He doesn’t like getting pigeonholed. He has worked on an organic farm in France, he’s toured the country, visited musical Meccas like Nashville, and all the while has gathered experiences to fuel the fire in his belly for music. Showing modern day trailblazer wisdom, he writes and performs what he loves and gets his fulfillment from just the joy of performing. On his second album, Desert Tortoise, this comes out more than ever. Currently a Ventura County resident, he’s also lived in the NW, where he attended college. Matthew seems to live life through experiences, not by milestones. This might be a quality you’d ask in a friend, but you’ll like it in his music, too. He is a genuine singer, and an honest writer. His music breaks genres apart. He doesn’t want people to worry about what it is they’re listening to, he just appreciates a person who is really listening and not getting bogged down i"  Wesley Bauman, Disarray Magazine

"Tones of Petty, Fogerty, and some of my favorites like John Lee Hooker and Son House come together with a little Bob Dylan to create an unpolished yet interesting sound. A bit of a crooner... I found one track that will keep me looking out for delta blues-esque tracks from him titled “Left Till Dust.” If you can listen to this and not either see scenes from Black Snake Moan or From Dusk ‘til Dawn then you’re not listening; “the death of miss mary jones” is another to hear. This makes me wanna drink bourbon in the heat of a Louisiana summer night."  Wesley Bauman, Disarray Magazine


The Secret Society Portland, OR Sat Apr 04 2015 08:00 PM Tickets
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