Bees Deluxe

Cambridge, MA
Blues / Acid Jazz / Alternative Rock
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Please come to the Bees Deluxe Foundation Room show at the House of Blues in Boston on Thursday evening Feb 14th.

We have free admission passes for anyone whop wants on posted on our website at: - simply print one out and bring it with you for free admission! 

and please feel free to pass this message on to any friends in the Boston area who like real live music!

Thanks for reading.



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"Bees Deluxe have released another funky, bluesy, jazzy CDs. Trouble In Paradise is another offering of fun stuff from this outfit. The Bees Deluxe’s usual band leader, guitarist Conrad Warre, provides plenty of funky licks and cool phrasing. Keyboardist Jon Gamble keeps the organ and piano percolating with swirling chords and tasteful touches. Bassist Joe McEachern plays a smooth, solid low end. Drummer Patrick Sanders lays down all sorts of clever beats and snappy smacks. Opening number “That’s What I’m Living For” lurches forward with a purposeful funk drive. Bass and drums knock it forward with swift, funky persistence. Gamble presses out of his keys all sorts of organ swirls, smoky, rocking, jumping on the groove with a confident stride. Warre’s guitar jumps in with abundant riffing and mean phrasing. This number leaps forward like a rattlesnake jumping out of its coil. . . . . ."  Bill Copeland, Bill Copeland Music News

"The main thrust of the music on this album is its' creativity and adventurous spirit. The musicality of Steely Dan comes to mind on the instrumental "Cell Phone" that features the coolest jazz organ this side of Jimmy Smith. Not to mention some other-worldly guitar. ...what an incredible voyage it was. One to be taken over and over, each time revealing some new nuance in this mind enriching musical gem. "Ladies and gentleman please wait until the record has reached a complete stop before disembarking."  Greg "Bluesdog" Szalony, Blues Blast Magazine


Plough & Stars Cambridge, MA Fri Jan 30 2015 08:00 PM  
Ryles Jazz Club Cambridge, MA Tue Feb 03 2015 08:00 PM  
Strange Brew Manchester, NH Fri Feb 20 2015 08:00 PM  
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