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Greetings ,

Here is the stream addy info to watch the 12 hour Mando Blues festival tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th from noon - midnight CST... My group, the Cotton Blossom Band will be performing at 12:30 pm and will be featuring in addition to myself, Mason Stevens & Mike Doster (BB Kings former Bass player of 17 years) we have special guest, 5 x Grammy winner, Roy Futureman Wooten of Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. Click the link below to view the live show stream.


 If you want more information on how to get to the venue visit the event page here -


Good times viewed worldwide!



Here is the link to event FaceBook page -



Thanks for the support and peace to you.


Tony Gerber (Solo Artist and Cypress Rosewood Virtual Musician, Founding member of SPACECRAFT, Founding member of Auroric Dreams and founder of the space blues project - Cotton Blossom Band)






Tony Gerber


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"Tony Gerber...whose musical gifts transcend the boundaries of audionics, and enters a realm where music actually aids the healing process. — Tim Kays, Facebook

"Man I swear, this shit is magical and totally deserving of vinyl, for real man, this shit is goood! Stuff needs to be released as an EP or a limited release CD or something! Needs to be heard by more ears, needs radio play, twinge reminiscent of Steve Roach's 'Storm Warning' live set, but better! Makes me want to drop MDMA running naked into the canyon-lands at night! The more I hear, the more I dig, really great stuff, inspiring, brilliant earthy space music, a rare gem... sorry, words fail..." — HardlineAtheist, Youtube Gerber and Gerber MEME 2012 Video

"“Take a vivid journey through one of Tony's original soundscapes. There are no words can describe” " — — Reslez Steeplechase, Team Leader at Matters of Music Magazine

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