Colbourne Avenue
Glebe, NSW, AU

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Forenzics are playing two 45 minute sets at Colbourne Ave, 37-47 St Johns Road, in Glebe, Thursday 25th July, 8-10pm. It's a quiet, relaxed and great sounding room, so we'll be making the most of that in our approach, and stretching our improvising legs over the two sets. Our lineup will consist of Matthew Syres on Guitar, Dirk Kruithof on Bass/Guitar, Joe Cummins on Trumpet and Alex Slater on Drums. The venue is BYO, has tea and coffee, and we're giving away CD's to the first 10 payers. Come along! Check out the Facebook page here for updates.




Matt - Forenzics

Fri Feb 06 2015 Sydney, NSW, AU Valve Bar and Venue  
"Based around the idea of improvisation, the band may occasionally be bewildering in its free-form mixture of jazz, electronica and post-rock. But the moments of beauty among the chaos shine all the more brightly for existing in the wild, ever-shifting aural landscape."  — Matthew Evans, Arctic Drones
"The mood then turned to a dark and sinister atmosphere as the smoke machines got going and FORENZICS came on. They appeared entirely improvised and there was great chemistry between the four players as each instinctively knew where the music was going. The build-ups were slow with the gradual incorporation of more elements to the minimalist soundscape. The addition of the trumpet transported you to the back room of some jazz bar."  — Justin Friedman, Sludge Factory
"...The decidedly urban, dystopian sounds of electricity flow through the sounds, but they are recorded with a widescreen clarity that allows every guitar nuance, every effect groan, every swish of static, its own clear place in the mix...."  — Adrian Elmer, Cyclic Defrost
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