Jefferson County Green Band
Red Rock Tavern
Jefferson County Green Band
Fairfield, IA

One Night Only 4/20 Celebration,

Whether it was on the main stage, side stage, back porch, front yard, in front of the bleachers, under the bleachers, in the basement, hotel, courtyard, living room, lobby, bar, cafe, in a cage, under the water tower, on the square or side of the road,... these 10 years with the Green Band created more incredible memories than any one man, women, or child can recall.  That's why we need your help!

Tomorrow night, Saturday, April 20th!   It's the 10 Year GreenBandiversary!   We are going to be celebrating the last 10 years by playing tribute to the evolution of the band, the sound, and of course the songs!

We have some very special plans!  Don't be late.  Witness the evolution of the GreenBand in one night!

Starting at 9:00pm at the Red Rock Tavern in Fairfield, IA:

  1. Steve will bring up special guest Josh Griggs for a re-inactment of his first live rock performance!
  2. Then Steve's going solo for a few songs, like he used to do and still does!
  3. Then Kevin (Harmonica) came onto the scene. Crowd goes wild!
  4. Then.... The OG GreenBand!  Original GreenBand Drummer Eric Winheim and Tim Carey on Bass will join in for a seriously fun set!  Same crew that got together on 4/20 10 years ago for our first jam!
  5. Add Ed Raines on Sax you say?  Oh, hell yeah! 
  6. Then what?  GreenBand 2000!  We've got Tim Duffy, David Hurlin, and extra special Michaela McLain taking us up to the blues jam blowout with whoever is still standing!

If you can't make it, I'll send you a cocktail napkin with a picture of me dancing to the new Reggae version of...

Tons and Bunches,


Don't miss the

GreenBand 2000

Flow like a river


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