The Trees

London, UK
Alternative / Alternative Rock / Brit Pop
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"The Trees hit the stage to a huge crowd at a packed 100 Club with their uniquely inspiring ambient rock set, that was reminiscent of watching a youthful Pink Floyd in action. Soaring guitars, sublime keys and the delightful soft edged vocals, kept the crowd cooly buzzing throughout with their beautifully touching and hauntingly dark hued songs. Soon we were all surfing away into strange and surreal soundscapes, tinged with tangible melancholia, yet still wrapped in the warmth of their superb musicianship, they managed to convey their complexly deep music excellently in a polished live performance. Lose yourself in the Trees at and you’ll understand why they have gained such acclaim across the internet, a rapidly growing fanbase and airplay on BBC6 Music."  Reg & Sues, Surroundedby

"I've featured The Trees twice now, and am scheduling in future shows. Their music is a driving eclectic mix, taking in elements of electro, Indie, and rock – the love child of Pink Floyd, Muse, and Gorrilaz perhaps. They are sensational live, and their performance takes their music to another level. A truly must see band. "  Dave Grenfell, Feedmemusic

"Started by a mysterious intro with a reversed recording mentioning something about “The Silver Platters”, this song is set off from the start with a gloomy perspective. After the sounds fade away, the listener is enveloped by the smooth, gentle sounds of a beautiful acoustic guitar - paving the way for the rest of the track as it builds over time. An easy-listening, emotional song at heart, “Sometimes” proves to be one of The Trees’ strongest moments in songwriting."  Ian Fleming, Varialus, Ian Fleming, Varialus


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