The Hell or High Water Band
......and what better gang of fools to escort you in! 

Up at the HoHW Lodge we are all around the kitchen table mapping out our "April showers bring you own Pilgrims" tour. We've got the HellWagon all greased up and ready to roll....wiper fluid, jumper cables, siphon hose (better known as the HOHW credit card) .......and a collection of strings, setlists, amps, cables that put NORAD to shame. 

We have a mixed bag of great venues that have something for everyone.....there are several versions of HOHW coming your way -----with the exception of our misguided "Just Neil Diamond" set list from ' and learn. Not sure we ever got the deposit back on those sequined shirts.....I think Wolfie still wears his.

SO for April it goes like this:

Teapot-Rodeo-Oneonta-------easy to remember.....T-R-O-------like REM......but TRO.

Friday- APRIL 11th 8:30 PM
Floral Park 

Our semi-annual stop at this musician's paradise.....Rick and the gang have created a venue that brings out the best in all of us......players and listeners alike. We have enjoyed a bunch of great nights there and we will be playing it old school acoustic...the tunes that got this party started in the first place....just good ol' basement music -----without the annoying guy who kept putting on Dark Side of the Moon right in the middle of my stirring rendition of "By the time I get to Phoenix" ......Please put this one on the calendar and call early for dinner rezzies.

Thursday April 17th 7:00 pm

For a little taste of the beautiful chaos that is now known as HOHW night at the RODEO......check out the pic above.....An old bus for a bar...great grub...a sound system that rivals the garden and just great people! What could possibly go wrong?   See you there and bring your best toe tappin' boots!

Saturday, April 26th 8:00pm

Upstate, upscale and upbeat.....We are thrilled to be heading to the great north for a double bill with our good buddies from SOCO a little jazzy rock?....some swampy blues?....some shoot em up saloon music?.....and smiles as wide as the new york state thruway?    Well we've got all that and more.
This WILL sell out......get your do-rags, tie dyes, hacky sacks and whatever gets you through the night......for a wonderful night of good time tunes.
for advance tickets:

And just a reminder, if you haven't clicked in to get your very own copy of "Airplane Bottle of Booze" you are missing the chance to tell your friends..." I swear, I knew those guys before than swept the Grammys....really....they played for my birthday!!!

Don't let that happen to here to avoid that!

Well that's it from here....if we can get that kook Stells back in the kitchen we can settle down for those deep fried malomars he promised us last week. 

Remember.......Life's a little more fun with some HOHW playing! 

We Play for YOU!

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