Ezra Vancil

Dallas, TX
Singer Songwriter / acoustic rock / alternative
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Hey,  posted the question: what does a great musician mean to you? On FB and twitter... and had a real intersting conversation.. If you didn't catch it (most of the great comments are on my personal FB profile) but I also posted it on PAGE but I think you can see it on my PROFILE cause I made it public. And also on TWITTER and.. I'm out of breath.. youtube..  jump in on one of these site.. I'd love to hear what you have to say!


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"The Song of the Year song and lyric writing contest is currently accepting entries"  Ezra Wins Song of the Year Rock #1

""The Weight of Being" who we are and where we are in life is at times overwhelming. Music from artists like Ezra Thomas allows us to lighten that load for a short time while we let the music take us away. The name of the band is taken from its two main players, Ezra Vancil (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Resonator, Lap steal Guitar, Keyboards, percussion) and Aaron Thomas (Drums, percussion, Udu drum, Tablas, Congas, djembe, vocals, keys, guitars, mandolin, Harmonica, programming). There is something about this music and Ezra's vocals that got my attention immediately. Although he reminded of Cat Stevens in some way, his voice was very hard to pinpoint and difficult to make any comparisons to. Upon reflection of this recording, I became fascinated with the beautiful instrumentation and melodies. Their lush compositions sucked me right in. Their sound is a roots-country inflected alternative rock-pop sound that is so contagious you will find it hard t"  MuzikMan, musicdish.com

"Ezra Thomas and The Weight of Being inhabit a very specific genre in my head, which I classify as "Country Music for People Who Don't Generally Admit to Liking Country Music" -- which is one of the people I typically happen to be. In this very specific genre in my brain you'll find artists like Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, Julie and Buddy Miller, Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle. What each of these artists share is a rootsy sound that's deeply informed by country but not chained to it, and a lyrical introspection that shies away from easy country tropes like patriotism and the easy condemnation of those who don't like country (no slam on country, since today's rock has its own hackneyed tropes, like how everything is so damn depressing all the time). What you get here is grown up music for grown up people -- and that's me, too. There's a whole lot I'm enjoying on Weight. My favorite track by a considerable margin is "Kinsman Redeemer," with its elegiac use of bib"  John Scalzi, Indie crit


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